The Boys Season 4’s Premiere Date Has Been Set For 2023: All We Know So Far!

the boys season 4
the boys season 4

The fact that the show was picked up for a fourth season just one week after the season three premiere showed that fans loved how lewd, crude, and shocking it was.

It just so happened that that was the episode with the dick that blew up. This probably wasn’t the only reason why more people watched The Boys, but it definitely helped. What happened after the start of season three was, in a word, evil.

The end of season three of The Boys didn’t answer enough questions, and we can’t wait to find out what happened. So, when does the next season start, and which characters have made it to the fourth round?

Here’s what we know about season four of The Boys.

The Boys Season 4 Renewed Status

The fourth season of The Boys is officially renewed for 2023.

The Boys Season 4 Release Date Details

The Boys Season 4 hasn’t been given a release date yet, but work on the next episode has already begun. On August 22, Kripke posted a picture of what looks like the script for Episode 401, which is called “Department of Dirty Tricks,” with the caption “Day One.”

On social media, the cast also talked about the new season. “We start working on season 4 today,” Jack Quaid, who plays Hughie, wrote. “This picture was taken on the first day that all of The Boys were on set together for season 1.”

The Boys Season 4 Cast Details

You can count on all of the regulars to come back. This is true for Urban, Quaid, Starr, Fukuhara, Alonso, Erin Moriarty, Tomer Capone, Dominique McElligott, Jessie T. Usher, Chace Crawford, and Nathan Mitchell. Colby Minifie, Laila Robins, Giancarlo Esposito, and Claudia Doumit are likely in the same boat.

Yes, Mitchell’s Black Noir died at the end of season 3, but Kripke told EW that the actor will come back as a different kind of Noir. The head of the show said: “Black Noir won’t be a hero for the last time, that’s for sure. Just that the person who wore the Noir suit in season 3 is no longer there. But Nathan will play a really funny and interesting character next season who wears the suit.”

The first season 4 casting news from Amazon confirmed that Cameron Crovetti, who plays Ryan Butcher, will be more involved in The Boys as a series regular.

So far, Valorie Curry and Susan Heyward, who both play supers, are the only newcomers. Curry will be playing the role of Firecracker, and Heyward will be playing the role of Sister Sage. Kripke teased on Twitter, “These new Supremes are some of the best and craziest I’ve ever written for #TheBoys.” “You will really like them. And by “love,” I mean be horrified and a little bit sick.”

First looks at these characters show that Firecracker is into guns, and Amazon hinted that Sister Sage can see the future by saying, “She’s already a thousand steps ahead of you.” We won’t know more about these superheroes until new episodes come out on Prime Video.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who has been on Supernatural for a long time and has been talking to Kripke about getting a role on The Boys since the beginning of 2020, will now be a part of season 4 of the show. We don’t know who Morgan will play yet, but we do know that he will appear on the show more than once. (Click here to find out more about the saga to cast Morgan.)

Will Soldier Boy, played by Jensen Ackles, be back for season 4 of The Boys? It’s difficult to say. Grace Mallory kept an eye on the character as it was put back into cryogenic sleep (Robins). Kripke said “100%” that he is leaving the door open for more Soldier Boy. It might not happen until after season 4.

“The old TV saying goes something like, “Never kill someone unless you have to.” Don’t shut a door; instead, open a window “Kripke told EW. “We’ll all have to wait and see, but I can’t see the series ending without Soldier Boy making another appearance.”

On the weekend of August 14, when Ackles replied to one of Urban’s Instagram posts about season 4, he did get fans excited. He wrote in the comments, “Pour me a double… I’m on my way.”

The Boys Season 4 Plot Details

Karl Urban admitted that he didn’t know what would happen to the characters while season three was still airing.

“I have no idea. So that should tell you something, but yeah, not too far,” he said at the beginning of July. “Well, I mean, I think we’ll… I’m actually going to see Kripke, and I’m sure people will start talking about what he has planned.

“I like to show them respect by letting them write without being bothered by actors asking, “What are you doing?” I can’t wait, though. They always come up with crazy ideas, so it should be fun.”

Well, we don’t want to make things harder, but we need to know!

The last time we saw Butcher, he had been sentenced to death. The tough-as-nails Supe slayer died because he used the temporary V drug too much. This could be the end for him unless Kripke has something up his sleeve.

Kripke told Deadline, “There is definitely cross-over.” “And we’re doing our best to create a universe in which some of the problems and storylines from season three carry over to the first season of Varsity.

“A presidential campaign is going on in the background of that season, and some things are going on at that school as a result of season three of The Boys.

“There’s Soldier Boy, etc., but there are also some new storylines in that season of the spin-off that we have to pick up in season 4 of the show.”

When we asked Frenchie actor Tomer Capone what was coming up, he couldn’t say much because of one very important thing:

“What do you know? I have to tell the truth. I’m nervous, excited, and happy, just like you and the fans who are thinking, “What’s next?”

“Listen, man, getting the script is like getting the Christmas gift I never get. I don’t celebrate Christmas because I don’t do. I’m a Jew. It’s like putting a present in a box. I don’t even want to say what Santa Claus has planned for Frenchie in season four.

How to Watch The Boys Season 4

On Prime Video, you can watch the first three seasons of The Boys.

Trailer Of The Boys Season 4

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