The Big Leap Will Not Get Season 2: Everything You Need to Know!

The Big Leap Season 2
The Big Leap Season 2

The Big Leap, a drama with a dance show inside it, will not get a second season. After 11 episodes of the first season, Fox stopped making the show.

The creative show is about a reality show that is like So You Think You Can Dance and is looking for people to be in a new version of the famous ballet Swan Lake. Even though the first season went pretty well and there were rumors that there would be a second season, Fox ended up canceling the show.

The Big Leap Will Not Get Season 2 Release Date Details

“The Big Leap,” a drama starring Scott Foley, has been canceled by Fox after just one season.

Why Was The Big Leap Canceled?

In the fall, The Big Leap was one of Fox’s least-watched shows. The series only got an average demo rating of 0.4 and 2.8 million views across all platforms. It had the smallest audience and the second-worst demo rating of all the new broadcast TV dramas this season.

Fox had to cancel the show, even though it had a rare 100% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes so that it could make room for the drama Accused, which had already been announced.

What Happens At The End Of Season 1 Of “The Big Leap”?

Gabby and Reggie get back together after Gabby makes a big move on stage in front of cheering fans. Even though The Big Leap hinted that Julia might be in a love triangle with her husband Kevin and her new love interest Linus, it looks like both of those relationships will end. Julia and Kevin understand that their marriage is over.

Trailer Of The Big Leap: Season 1

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