The Bachelorette 2023 Spoilers: Who Might Be the Winner?

The Bachelorette 2023 Spoilers
The Bachelorette 2023 Spoilers

Zach Shallcross, the Bachelor from the previous season, broke Charity Lawson’s heart, and it seemed like only yesterday (27 June). As a refresher, Charity traveled to her hometown and met Zach’s family before leaving empty-handed. But don’t worry, people, she’s doing great, and she even has 25 gentlemen to dry her tears.

That’s because she’s the Bachelorette for this season. We believe she will succeed. Despite Charity’s season not starting until Monday, June 26, Reality Steve, our resident Bachelor expert, pulled down all of this season’s spoilers for you. Read carefully…

The Bachelorette 2023 Spoilers

Reality Right before Charity’s Season of The Bachelorette premiered, Steve published his spoiler-filled blog post. He doesn’t know who the final three are, but he is aware of what transpires at each rose ceremony leading up to hometown week or the Top 4.

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Taylor Pegg, Joe Menzia, Khalid Hassan, Nic Barber, and Peter Cappio are all out. Chris Spell is also out. Who received her first impression of Rose is unknown. However, John Buresh made an impression so it might have been him. The first group outing took place at the Hollywood sign during Week 2.

Joey Graziadei won the contest for the longest kss. The first 1-on-1 with Charity included a convertible ride, and Aaron Bryant also got a special performance. The group shrank from 19 to 14 after eliminating Caleb Arthur, Josh Young, John Henry Spurlock, Kaleb Kim, and Spencer Storbeck.

Our website has a variety of posts with tantalizing series spoilers that will pique your interest and your anticipation:

The remaining soldiers traveled to Washington in week four. The first one-on-one meeting was with Dotun Olubeko, but it’s not clear what they did. Eight guys participated in the group date, which involved the Girl Scouts. During the group date’s evening segment, Brayden was sent home.

Xavier Bonner won the other one-on-one match. He went grape-stomping with Charity. The group shrank from 10 to 6, with Brayden and the elimination of Caleb Balgaard, John Buresh, and Michael Barbour. The crew visited New Orleans, LA, in week five. Joey Graziadei won the first one-on-one match.

The Bachelorette 2023 Spoilers

He spent the day with Charity around the Lincoln Square district. Either Xavier or Aaron won the second 1-on-1 and the first and only repeat 1-on-1. Given that Xavier’s date was only last week, we would wager on Aaron. Sean McLaughlin and Tanner Courtad were the two men who lost out during the group date because there was no rose ceremony.

We have now reached the hometown dates!The Top 4 males are Dotun Olubeko, Aaron Bryant, Joey Graziadei, and Xavier Bonner. Reality Steve reports that Charity gets engaged in Fiji even though he is unsure of who survives to the finish, although it is not Aaron.

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