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The Amazing Spider-Man 3: Instagram Post Hints On Sony’s Plans! Details Inside

After the success of Spider-Man No Way Home, many are wondering if The Amazing Spider-Man 3 will be made. The presence of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man in the film has made many think again about his franchise, and several fans are hoping for a third sequel on his character.

At the moment, there are no confirmations regarding The Amazing Spider-Man 3. However, there are several rumors about this film. Andrew Garfield has already said he is willing to return to the role of Spider-Man, and it seems that Sony already has plans to develop the project. There are many rumors about the future of Amazing Spider-Man, even if nothing is certain at the moment.

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In January 2022, a fascinating clue popped up online, uploaded by BossLogic, a digital artist who has often collaborated with Sony and Marvel Studios. In fact, on his profile, he shared a video that depicts the Amazing Spider-Man glove immersed in a kind of black slime, while at the top left, you can see a shot of a kiss between Peter and Gwen. The artist specified in the caption: “The meeting with Sony was amazing now to get to work.”

The use of the word unique and the fact that the costume portrayed is that of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man immediately made fans jump in the chair. As if that weren’t enough, the famous # MakeTASM3 also appeared among the post’s hashtags.

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For the uninitiated, fans have launched this hashtag, which has become one of the most tweeted globally, for the making of The Amazing Spider-Man 3. The petition was a huge success, and Sony certainly noticed it too.

The Amazing Spider-Man 3: What Is The Plot?

According to early speculations, Peter Parker will return from the MCU but not return to his universe. Theories about it are conflicting, but what unites them is that the boy will meet an alternate version of Gwen Stacy, who plays the role of Spider-Gwen. It is unclear whether she will be from another universe or will Peter land in his. 

The presence of the character of Emma Stone is the protagonist of all the rumors, also supported by the fact that Kevin Feige has ensured his return in the future. Another recent rumor also talked about Sony trying to get Emma Stone back to play her Spider-Gwen and to have Anya Taylor-Joy board the Spider-Verse as Black Cat.

Other rumors speak of the return of Andrew Garfield in Venom 3 or Morbius. If this were to be the case, we would only be able to understand something more about the plot of The Amazing Spider-Man 3.


The Amazing Spider-Man 3: What We Know About The Release?

As for the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 3, we can’t know when it will be released. The film, although now confident, has not yet been confirmed. For this reason, establishing a release date with certainty is almost impossible. We can expect the first news about it during 2022 and speculate that, if it were to be made, the film would be released in 2023.

It wouldn’t be The Amazing Spider-Man 3 without Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. Indeed, if it were to be made, the film would be made right on the actor’s character, who would return as the protagonist. Together with him, we could see Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy or, as the rumors say, Spider-Gwen.

But we still don’t know anything about the rest of the cast. Tom Hardy could appear with Venom or Jared Leto with his Morbius. We could see actors like Sally Field as Aunt May and Paul Giamatti as Rhino of the original Amazing Spider-Man.

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