That Significant 'stranger Things' Death May Have Set Up The Villain For Season 5

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Major Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 spoilers are present in this article. You’ve been made aware. There is a lot to be said about the way characters are killed off in Stranger Things. You could say that the Duffer Brothers, who create television shows, don’t do it enough. Maybe you think the deaths in the show are too transparent. It’s true that the main characters in Stranger Things currently look unstoppable, leaving the supporting cast as merely plot points.

Fans weren’t too pleased to see that Eddie Munson had been killed off in the season four finale of the program in light of all of this. Even while Eddie’s battle with the Demobat horde was one of the series’ most memorable moments, it was overshadowed by his untimely death, which caused me to sob uncontrollably. However, when I dissected the episode, I came to the conclusion that Eddie’s death might not be what it looks and might really serve to significantly build up the season five villain.

Although we don’t know much about season five, Vecna has already been established as the show’s ultimate villain. Eleven was able to influence the Demogorgon, Demodogs, and Mind Flayer to carry out his orders after casting Henry Creel / Vecna into the Upside Down.

These criminals are likely to band together and make a comeback in season five, as hinted at by the conclusion of season four. Vecna will presumably be in charge of them, and after Nancy, Steve, and Robin’s Molotov attack, she is beginning to look a little crispy and worn out.

This beautifully leads us to Eddie. Although I truly believe that Eddie is gone forever and that there is no chance of him coming back, his body and actor Joseph Quinn may still be in the picture. Vecna needs a new body, and Eddie just so happened to pass away inside the Upside Down where Vecna presently resides, according to my theory.

Yes, Chrissy, Fred, and Patrick’s remains are also on the market, but they were left in a more contorted condition. Given Eddie’s current state and the fact that Vecna is able to employ the Mind Flayers’ psychic abilities, it’s not out of the question that Vecna may use these abilities to transfer his consciousness into Eddie’s non-barbecued body.

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When it comes to casting, the show’s creators are obviously skilled. Fans seem to have fallen in love with the likable and gifted Joseph Quinn, but I strongly doubt the Duffer brothers are surprised by this as they undoubtedly witnessed Quinn’s magic on set. Eddie’s death wouldn’t be called into question if Vecna really did transfer his consciousness into Eddie’s body. Joseph Quinn may then return as the crucial endgame villain for season 5.

Eddie was made the town’s scapegoat in Stranger Things 4, with the residents of Hawkins believing that Eddie was a scary cultist. The Hawkins basketball team’s initial suspicions, the witch hunt sparked by the town meeting, and the vandalized “lost” posters in the season finale were all recurring story points. As viewers, we are aware that Eddie is no longer alive, so why does the show insist that the locals continue to demonize him?

Simply said, it wouldn’t make sense for this plot to end, which gets me back to the idea that Vecna might have been utilizing Eddie’s body. If Vecna, not Eddie, leads this endgame assault, it will greatly spice up the plot since season five appears to be staged out in the open throughout the entirety of Hawkins. It offers Hawkins residents more justification for claiming “We told you so,” which creates an intriguing relationship between them and Vecna.

It also makes life more difficult for the main characters in our story. In addition to dealing with the emotional strain of defeating a bad guy who resembles an old friend, they would also face the added challenge of trying to revive Eddie’s memories and his selfless deeds – despite how clearly things appear. You have to acknowledge that that is a strong theory. I certainly have myself convinced, but I suppose we’ll have to wait a good several years to see whether everything turns out to be true.

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