Terrifier 2 Blu-Ray And Dvd Release Date Status: Everything You Need To Know

terrifier 2 blu-ray release date
terrifier 2 blu-ray release date

In Terrifier 2, a year has passed since Art the Clown’s Halloween murderous rampage, and as the holiday approaches once more, the reanimated killer stalks his new victims. When Jonathan says he wants to dress up as the evil clown, Sienna and her younger brother Jonathan talk to their mother about their Halloween plans and costumes.

The very clown who subsequently shows up bloodied at their home, sneaking up behind Sienna in a costume shop, or on the stage of a children’s play. A stress-free night of partying is what Sienna and her friends are planning, but when Sienna receives a call from Jonathan, she realizes that something is off. Will Sienna be able to save her little brother, or will she turn out to be the stereotypical, sad heroine?

Although some may argue that this made the movie even more horrifying, as Gabe in The Office US, who famously said that in horror films, even the story is soothing, Leone attracted criticism for his debut film’s absence of a narrative in Terrifier. In either case, the sequel’s screenplay was intended to focus on the characters.

As a result, the teenage protagonist, Sienna Shaw, who was created early in Leone’s career for a film that was ultimately canceled, will play a significant role in this new story. Now, in what may be the first of many upcoming Terrifier ventures, the main character, dressed as the angel, receives her leading role.

Terrifier 2 Blu-Ray And Dvd Release Date

The epic running duration of two hours and 28 minutes suggests that director Damien Leone kept to his commitment to not compromise on the movie’s vision.

Unsurprisingly, the film was given an 18 rating by the BBFC because of the intense violence, graphic injury details, and extremely coarse language.

At FrightFest in late August, it had its cinematic debut, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly good.

The movie will now have a limited theatrical run on October 6, 2022, which is the official release date.

Terrifier 2 Uk Release Date And How To Watch

Terrifier 2 will be available on DVD and Blu-ray in the United Kingdom on Monday, October 24th, 2022.

Both formats are currently available for pre-order on Amazon, with the DVD costing only £7.00 and the Blu-ray costing £13.00.

Signature Entertainment is handling the release, and it will be available on digital platforms on the same day, according to JoBlo. This means it will be available for rental or purchase on sites like Amazon Video and iTunes, though no prices have been announced.

After screening at FightFest in August, the film was released theatrically in the United States on Thursday, October 6th, 2022.

This time, we’re reunited with Art the Clown, who has been brought back to life by an unknown force. He now has his sights set on two siblings in the Miles County area, intending to terrorise them on Halloween night.

Terrifier 2 Blu-Ray And Dvd Cast

As Art the Clown, David Howard Thornton will return. Thornton, who is best known for his lineless performance, is also a voice actor. In Nightwing: Escalation, he played The Joker, another crazy clown.

Lauren LaVera, known for playing Ciara in the 2017 Netflix Marvel series Iron Fist, will play the protagonist Sienna Shaw. Elliot Fullman, an upcoming actor who debuted in the television series Instinct in 2018, will play the killer-obsessed Jonathan. Fullman has recently been providing his voice for the kids’ show Get Rolling with Otis.

  • David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown
  • Lauren LaVera as Sienna Shaw
  • Elliott Fullam as Jonathan Shaw
  • Sarah Voigt as Barbara
  • Kailey Hyman as Brooke
  • Casey Hartnett as Allie
  • Samantha Scaffidi as Victoria Heyes
  • Felissa Rose as Ms. Principe
  • Tamara Glynn as Shopping Mother
  • Nedim Jahić as Travis Bryant

What is the plot of Terrifier 2?

At the start of Terrifier 2, we learn that Art has been resurrected by a sinister entity and quickly targets two siblings to hunt on Halloween night.

While Samantha Scaffidi will reprise her role in Terrifier 2, she will not be the main protagonist. Instead, Lauren LaVera (Iron Fist) will play adolescent Sienna Shaw (dressed as an angel for Halloween), with Elliott Fullam playing her younger brother, Jonathan. After Art the Clown starts stalking them, the two of them will have to figure out how to survive the night.

Terrifier 2 Blu-Ray And Dvd Synopsis

Art the Clown comes to the fearful hamlet of Miles County after being resurrected by a nefarious force, and on Halloween night, he picks on a teenage girl and her younger brother. Damien Leone is the director of Terrifier 2, which debuted on October 7th, 2022.

Where to watch  Terrifier 2 Blu-Ray And Dvd

For a little period, Terrifier 2 will be seen in theatres before being made only on the Screambox streaming service. Brad Miska, managing director of Screambox and Bloody Disgusting media brands, previously expressed his excitement for the slasher finding its home on the platform and claimed that fans are unprepared for what is to come.

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