Tear The Dotted Line Season 2: Do We Have A Release Date Status?

Tear The Dotted Line Season 2: Do We Have A Release Date Status?

On November 17, 2021, a new adventure premiered on Netflix, where we can follow Zerocalcare and his friends in this new animated adventure. The author has worked for over a year, managing to remain faithful to himself and to what his story has always been.

What Is Tear Along The Dotted Line About?

The TV series follows a complicated journey that Zerocalcare undertakes with his friends Sarah and Secco, from Rome to Biella, the hometown of their friend Alice. The occasion of the trip, unfortunately, is tragic. Alice took her own life, and the protagonists moved to attend the funeral. Along the way, episodes of his life emerge that are only apparently disconnected from each other, but which in the end, reveal a profound meaning. Inevitable, the Armadillo, faithful companion of the protagonist.

But will Netflix grant more space to the title and the freedom to tell new stories to the Roman cartoonist? Unfortunately, to date, we do not know the intentions of the service. With Zerocalcare himself, he will probably want to probe the ground a little with the debut season to understand how the public will react. Only later will he eventually think about Tear Along The Dotted Line Season 2.

It must be said that the series has easily climbed to the top of Netflix’s Top Ten. As it has garnered considerable acclaim, controversies also followed, mainly relating to the fact that, according to some, Zerocalcare speaks too much in Roman. We’ll see if he can keep his place in the coming weeks as well.

Is There A Release Date?

The Netflix show, Tear Along the Dotted Lines might be returning for a second season. As of now, there is no concrete news about the renewal of the show. Netflix usually takes time of a year or two before releasing the second season of any animated show. As soon as there is any reliable information, we will be the first to share the same with you.

Where To Watch It?

Since the show has just finished the premiere of its first season, major details regarding the second season have not been revealed. As of now the first season of the animated adult comedy is available on Netflix with six episodes. Similar to this, if Netflix plans to renew the show for a second season, the most probable outcome is that it will premiere on Netflix only just like its first season.

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