Survivor 44 Grand Finale: Who Wins The $1 Million Prize!”

Who Won Survivor 44
Who Won Survivor 44

The last episode of Season 44 of the popular reality competition series Survivor aired on CBS at 8 pm ET on Wednesday, May 24, 2023. It showed how the top 5 contestants gave their all in the immunity, advantage, and fire-making challenges to keep moving forward and win the prized title and $1 million grand prize.

See below for more details on the final results of the Survivor Season 44 Finale. Who won Survivor 44? The wait is over now..

Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho

Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho, a 31-year-old salon owner from Puerto Rico, defeated Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt and Carolyn Wiger 7-1-0 in the final jury vote.

Yam Yam himself said, “Words are my weapons.” The hair shop owner knew he was good at talking to people, so he built his business around making friends and making people laugh. But he worked hard behind the scenes. He was a key part of the Tika trio that won the endgame.

On his way to the Final Three, Yam Yam said he could read people’s feelings to know if they were lying to him. He also made a few jokes. And the man who set up a payback story for anyone who wrote down his name was happy to see it happen again, this time getting almost all of the jury votes.


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Who Was Eliminated on Survivor 44?

Carolyn Wiger

Carolyn Wiger is one of the most unique contestants in the history of Survivor. She doesn’t hide the fact that she makes weird noises or has strange responses to everything she sees or does in Fiji. She used that idea to her advantage, counting on being written off so she could be a part of the Tika trio and make some of the biggest moves of the season. Everyone suddenly noticed Carolyn’s skills, giving her a great story to tell in the Final Three. Carolyn may have lost because she was nervous and ended up in third place.

Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt

Heidi Lagares-Greenblatt

Heidi Lagares – greenbelt said in her last Tribal Council speech that her journey was one of the most up and down in the game. She went from being a decision-maker to losing some of her closest friends. But there was no doubt that she worked hard because she found ways to help herself and made progress toward joining the new Tika majority. On Day 25, when she got immunity and chose to return to the game to take out the biggest threat, her popularity rose as quickly as her flame. Even though the jury was shocked by this then, and it led to a few votes, it wasn’t enough to win.

Carson Garrett

Carson Garrett has said that he likes chaos, so it makes sense that his game went up in flames. Before he went on the show, he did a lot of planning, and it paid off when he became one of the biggest players of the season. He played multiple sides well and was a big reason why the Tika three were able to control the whole postmerge. Unfortunately, Carson’s competitors were also becoming very aware of the skills he had. After being saved by playing the idol and winning immunity, he had to go through one last trial by fire to win. Carson’s fears came back at the worst time when Heidi blew him out and he missed Day 26.

Lauren Harpe

Lauren Harpe

Lauren’s game fell apart about halfway through the season. She lost both a powerful majority in her original tribe and an edge she got in the very first Tribal Council. But she surprised herself and got to the endgame thanks to some key safety wins and close relationships with most of the Tika tribe. But when the castaways moved to a new island, they looked at old ties. They didn’t want Lauren in the final three because they thought she was too dangerous. They voted her out to keep her as far away as possible. Lauren wasn’t surprised by what happened but was energized by what it taught her about herself and how she could be a parent.

Will There Be A 45th Season of Survivor?

Yes! The release date for Survivor 45 has not yet been announced. But it will return in the fall with 90-minute shows for the first time ever.

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