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Superman & Lois: Is Season 3 Confirmed? Renewal Status Revealed

Screenwriter Todd Helbing promised fans a fresh take on a familiar story, and he didn’t fool the public. The matured hero and his beloved woman bring up two sons who inherited his father’s abilities.

Indeed, this is something new and unhackneyed. Of course, the plot was not without villains and the return of old characters. Season 2 of the show is currently airing on The CW. Now many viewers are interested in the release date of season 3 of Superman & Lois? 

Superman & Lois: Season 3 Renewal Done? What Is Known?

Fans of the guy from Krypton are fortunate because a new story about their favorite hero has already begun. No one doubted the project’s renewal for the second chapter, but the devoted fans dreamed of another season. Tentatively, the release date of the 3rd season of Superman and Lois could happen in early 2023. The series is planned to be developed further, although there is no official confirmation of the show’s renewal for a third season yet. But the CW channel’s high ratings after the show’s launch speak for themselves.


More than 1.7 million users watched the first episode of the work. Such figures have become an absolute record for the CW channel. It’s no surprise that the question of whether a season 3 release of Superman and Lois will baffle so many viewers. Representatives of The CW emphasize that the first season attracted many viewers to the channel. Thus, the audience of the channel has increased to an incredible size. That’s why critics have no doubts about the renewal of the series.

Superman & Lois: What Is The Plot?

Clark returns to the old farm to take care of the family business. He plans to live away from the bustling city. One day, the hero’s sons find themselves in a barn where the wreckage of a spaceship is stored. A pile of metal falls on one of the teenagers, and only thanks to his brother’s help does the guy survive. This is how the gift inherited by one of the sons is revealed. Now the guys have to find out the truth about the origin of their father.

For the first time, in the center of the plot are not insidious villains but the most ordinary household chores that fall on the head of a superhero and his wife. It turns out that managing two kids is no easier than saving the world. And while right now fans don’t know when Superman & Lois season 3 will air for sure, things can change at any time.

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The search for an actress for the role of Lana Lang took a long time. The authors settled on Emmanuelle Chriqui, who appeared in The Mentalist and The Handsome. Of course, Kristin Craik, who played Lana in Smallville, could not leave such an event aside. She supported the creators’ choice and expressed her confidence that Shriki would do everything just fine. At the end of the interview, Craik hinted that she would also like to appear in the projects of the Arrow universe.

Hoechlin has already played Kal-El in Supergirl. Producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg called the actor for an interview, where they offered to become a superhero. Hoechlin immediately agreed as he is a fan of the character. After a while, the actor received a solo show with Bitsey Tulloch. Before the initial premiere of the fantastic drama, the creators presented the fans with a documentary film about the creation of the show that was also loved by the fans around the globe.

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