Stranger Things Season 5 Theory

Stranger Things Season 5 Theory

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The eagerly anticipated Stranger Things season finale has finally aired, causing Netflix and other group streaming services to become extremely busy with fans eager to watch the major confrontation. In the conclusion, each of the four factions follows its own plan to save its allies and stop Vecna before he attains too much strength.

Stranger Things 4 completely succeeded in producing an epic conclusion to the season with a dramatic showdown between Eleven and Vecna, Max dying short but long enough to open the 4th gate, and the other heroes either fighting in the Upside Down or in Russia.

All four Upside Down gates are opened at the very end, turning Hawkins into a battleground while a frail Vecna narrowly escapes. It seems like Season 5 may be set up for a dramatic conclusion unlike anything fans have ever seen after the chaos of Season 4.

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Eddie’s Potential Return?

Twitter is filled with thoughts about how the Duffer brothers could use the “Kas Theory” to bring Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) back to life after he was killed by demo bats in the Upside Down. Due to the fact that Stranger Things strongly borrows from the Dungeons and Dragons universe, internet fans have developed a theory that is overly plausible for Eddie’s circumstance. Kas the Bloody-Handed, a half-human, half-vampire created by Vecna, is her right-hand man in the DND universe.

Eddie's Return


Fans believe Vecna will use his abilities to manipulate Eddie to carry out his wicked schemes (“Master of Puppets” was also the song Eddie performed in the finale, and ironically, he has a tattoo of a demonic puppet on his arm). In contrast, Kas murders Vecna in the DND Universe after betraying his master.

According to viewers, Dustin Hoffman (Gaten Matarazzo), who plays Eddie’s best buddy, may have a significant impact on whether Eddie breaks free from Vecna’s curse and turns against his owner in the 5th season.

A Chance For Will To Be The Hero

Will, who served as the show’s “damsel in distress” for the first two seasons and a helpless third wheel in the last two, will play a more significant part in Season 5.

Will will be a “major component and focus” of the much anticipated final season, the Duffer Brothers said in an interview with Collider. His coming of age, which was complicated by the trauma he experienced in The Upside Down and The Right-Side Up, will finally be resolved.

Will’s increased significance in Season 5 was hinted at the end of Season 4 when he—and no one else—was able to detect the return of Big Bad Vecna (Jamie Campbell Bower) and the chasm between Hawkins and his shadowy, parallel universe.

Because of his time spent hiding in the Upside Down in Season 1 and his relationship with The Shadow Monster in Season 2, Will is able to feel Vecna in a way that no one else in the group (not even Eleven) can (also referred to as The Mind Flayer in Season 3).

In a flashback scene, we learn that after Henry Creel/One is banished to The Upside Down by Eleven, he encounters The Shadow Monster, unites with it, and unites with every other evil being in Hawkins’ parallel realm to form a “hive mind.” Will, therefore, possesses a portion of the “hive mind” inside of him.

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Max’s Real Destiny

The massive portal to the Upside Down forms when Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) briefly passes away in the Stranger Things season 4 finale. Fortunately, she lived, but considering that she is unconscious in the hospital and not awake when Eleven tries to heal her, the degree of the harm is unknown to the fans.


It is obvious that Max may have a relationship with the Upside Down because Vecna was unable to kill her and because the monsters of the Upside Down behave in a hive mind-like manner and frequently leave their marks on previous victims (much like Will).

She might serve as a box for Vecna’s belongings or even serve as a hiding spot for Vecna because she is “braindead.” However, a lot of fans also think that Sink’s role will fully recover and play a crucial role in Vecna’s downfall, but how that would happen is genuinely improbable given the limited information we currently have.

Will’s Painting

Will present Mike Wheeler the painting he created at the start of the season in Episode 8 of Season 4. (Finn Wolfhard). The picture, which remained a mystery the entire season, turns out to be a scene from their DND campaign. With Mike taking the lead, the four closest buddies battle a fearsome dragon or hydra with many heads. The purpose of the sequence was for Will to tell Mike that he is “the heart of the party” and to make a very subtle allusion to Will’s possible homos*xual orientation.

Will's Painting

However, as DND is usually linked to the programme, followers on Twitter speculate that the dragon in the artwork represents the final antagonist and is known as Borys in the DND Universe. This dragon may be a more powerful version of Vecna (who also happens to be the most powerful DND villain). Fans speculate that Borys could be the last monster that Hawkins faces because Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) claimed that Vecna had shown her a “huge monster with a gaping maw” that was expected to emerge in the finale but did not.

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The Real Father of Eleven

Since Volume 1 of Season 4 was released, a well-liked fan theory has been making the rounds online, claiming that Vecna, 001/Henry Creel (Jamie Campbell Bower), is Eleven’s real dad. Since 001 was the most strong and the first of Papa’s test subjects, theorists hypothesised that. Out of all the test subjects, only Eleven (who was several years younger than 001) could equal 001’s power.

Because of this circumstance, supporters assumed that genetics was involved and that 001 and 011 must share similar genetics, giving them increased abilities. The hypothesis tends to go off in a lot of different directions when it comes to how 001 and Eleven’s mother produced 011, but the point is still valid. Maybe in Season 5, viewers will witness Eleven and Vecna having a Star Wars moment!

The Mind Flayer is Still in Russia!

The Russian Prison is being cleaned out of the Mind Flayer trash by Jim Hopper (David Harbour), Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder), Murray Bauman (Brett Gelman), and new figure Dmitri “Enzo” Antonov (Tom Wlaschiha). They examine a dying Russian high-level guard as the Upside Down creatures attack the facility to kill the Russian soldiers (and are ultimately stopped by Hopper, Joyce, and Murray). He claims in Russian that the “shadows” are where the claw mark on his face came from. Alternatively put, the Mind Flayer.

Murray and the flamethrower destroyed the Demogorgon, but the Mind Flayer nanoparticles may still be missing. Murray’s whereabouts are also unknown because he was not seen travelling back to the United States with Joyce and Hopper. Given the close ties between the Mind Flayer and Vecna, there is a remote possibility that more needs to be done in Russia to stop Vecna, and Murray would be the ideal person to do it.

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