Starstruck Season 3 Release Date Status: Renewed Or Cancelled At Netflix?


When will the third season of Starstruck premiere? After all, this is the question that most people are asking themselves these days. Fans of Starstruck were so enthused after watching season 2 that they couldn’t wait to see what season 3 would bring them. But don’t worry, we’re here to clear up any confusion you may have about whether Season 3 of ‘Starstruck’ will be renewed or cancelled. As a result, ‘Starstruck,’ a British comedy series created by Rose Matafeo, follows Jessie, a New Zealander who works two jobs in order to make ends meet in the city of lights. One night stand with an unexpected outcome occurs on a rowdy New Year’s Eve in this comedy-drama. Tom Kapoor, a well-known Bollywood actor, turns out to be her mystery dinner companion for the evening. As the two falls in love with one another, their lives begin to resemble a modern-day fairy tale.

When faced with such unusual circumstances, mayhem and laughter are unavoidable in the lives of the two main characters. In spite of the fact that the series begins with a beautiful concept, it quickly devolves into harsh realities. Despite the fact that the love storey is magical, the drama that surrounds it is likely to cause you to laugh out loud at some point. It has been praised for its caustic sense of humour, outstanding performances, and in-depth understanding of today’s millennial culture since it first aired in April of 2021. Fans of this screwball comedy must be wondering whether the show will be renewed for a third season now that its second season has come to an end. If you’re asking the same questions as we are, we’ve got your back!

Starstruck Season 3: Renewed Or Cancelled

BBC Three has not yet announced a release date for the third season of Starstruck. Show Status as of Right Now Series 3 of Starstruck has not been renewed as of yet.

Starstruck Season 3 Release Date

The second season of ‘Starstruck’ premiered in its entirety on HBO Max on March 24, 2022. The second season of The Walking Dead premiered in the United Kingdom on February 7, 2022, on BBC, a year before it was broadcast in the United States. Season 2 is comprised of six episodes, each of which is 21 minutes in length.

For those interested in season 3, here’s what we currently know. There has been no confirmation from either the network or the show’s creator regarding the possibility of a third season. The first two seasons of the show, on the other hand, have proven to be quite successful. In particular, it has received praise for turning a conventional and unrealistic romantic setting into a humorous television series, according to both fans and critics.

Starstruck Season 3 Release Date
Starstruck Season 3 Release Date

A large part of the reason for the high praise that ‘Starstruck’ has received is due to the outstanding performances by the incredible cast members, as well as the sharp writing that keeps the film fresh and funny. Rose Matafeo and Alice Snedden did an excellent job with the screenplay for the first season, and they were joined by Nic Sampson for the second season, which was also excellent. In the beginning, Matafeo had intended to follow the British tradition of ending the comedy series after two seasons, but the show’s success has prompted her to consider the possibility of a third season.

We are optimistic that the comedy show will be renewed for a third season, given the show’s growing international popularity, high critical acclaim, and the fact that the second season was renewed only a few months after the show’s premiere in its home country. If everything goes according to plan and the network decides to renew the show, we can expect the third season of ‘Starstruck’ to premiere sometime in the first or second quarter of 2023.

Starstruck Season 3 Cast

Rose Matafeo, the show’s creator, takes the lead role of Jessie, a free-spirited woman with a lot of personalities. The writer and actor drew inspiration for their characters from real life, and they both do an outstanding job as the protagonists of this millennial fairytale. Nikesh Patel makes an appearance as Tom Kapoor, a major movie star who becomes Jessie’s one-night stand that turns into a romantic interest. Kate, Jessie’s best friend and roommate, is played by Emma Sidi, who joins them on this chaotic journey. Kate is played by Emma Sidi. In real life, Emma Sidi and Rose Matafeo are also roommates, which is a happy coincidence.

Sindhu Vee as Sindhu, Jon Trying to point as Dan, Joe Barnes as Joe, Nic Sampson as Steve, Lola Rose Maxwell as Sarah, and Nadia Parkes as Sophie Diller are among the other cast members who appear on the show in addition to the main cast of characters. Minnie Driver portrays Cath, Tom’s agent, though she does not appear as frequently as we would like. Russell Tovey also appears in Season 2 as Director Dave, a character who has disagreements with Tom about the ways of filmmaking. A possible third season could see the majority of the actors mentioned above return to their respective roles in the show. Additionally, we can anticipate a few talented newcomers to appear in the upcoming third season of the popular comedy show.

Starstruck Season 3 Plot

The season 2 finale of ‘Starstruck’ rekindles the flames of Jessie and Tom’s fading romance in a heartwarming scene. They have a difficult time maintaining their relationship throughout Season 2, due to the fact that their lifestyles are so dissimilar. Tom and Jessie, on the other hand, are reunited at Steve and Sarah’s wedding and are unable to deny that they are in love with each other. While Tom is on his way to the United States, Jessie ponders the reasons for their separation and whether those reasons are worth the heartache of being apart from one another.

Because Tom and Jessie are now fully aware of their undeniable feelings for each other, as well as the obstacles that may stand in their way of achieving a happy ending, it is possible that season 3 will depict the couple’s renewed attempts to integrate into each other’s lives. Jessie’s struggle with Tom’s life as a movie star has been a recurring theme throughout the series, and it has already caused a great deal of conflict. Will Jessie’s inability to cope with the high-end lifestyle continue in future episodes? They have certainly come a long way since the beginning of their affair, and we look forward to seeing them become even closer in the future. Indeed, Jessie and Tom are the definitive conclusions to the storey, and their tale leaves us yearning for more.

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Starstruck Season 3 Trailer

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