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Star Trek: Discovery Season 5: Everything We Know So Far about This Series!

CBS Studios, Secret Hideout, and Roddenberry Entertainment create Star Trek: Discovery. Toronto’s Pinewood Studios and other locations around the world serve as the primary shooting locations for the show. In order to take full advantage of today’s technology and visual effects, classic Star Trek designs were reimagined for the new series. It aired on CBS and CBS All Access on September 24, 2017. On All Access, the remaining 15 episodes of the first season were streamed weekly until February 2018. From January to April 2019, All Access aired the 14-episode second season, while the 13-episode third season aired in October 2020 to January 2021. It aired on Paramount+ from November 2021 to March 2022 for a total of 13 episodes. In January 2022, Netflix ordered a 10-episode fifth season, which will premiere in 2023.

Subscriptions to CBS All Access soared as a result of the series’ premiere; CBS All Access and Paramount+ both ranked it as their most popular original series. For its prosthetic make-up and visual effects, the show has won multiple awards, including Primetime Creative Arts Emmys, and rave reviews from critics who praised Martin-acting Green’s and the time jump to the 32nd century. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine kicked off a wave of new shows, including the short-form Star Trek: Short Treks and the feature-length Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, in the Star Trek universe. The series has also inspired a variety of tie-in media, including two official aftershows.

Star Trek: Discovery season 5 release date speculation

As of January 2022, the fifth season of Star Trek: Discovery has been officially renewed for a fifth season on streaming service Paramount Plus.

Although no specific date for the release was announced along with the news, we can make an informed prediction based on how the show has progressed thus far.

Unless the pandemic held back post-production on season 3, new episodes have been released around 11 months after the last conclusion.

Assuming no unforeseen events, we may expect to see Star Trek: Discovery premiere in early 2023.

Who is in Star Trek: Discovery season 5 cast?

While Paramount hasn’t released an official cast list for season 5 as of yet, the main players are likely to return, headlined by Sonequa Martin-Green, who will reprise her role as Captain Burnham in the series.

This means she will most likely be reuniting with actor and contortionist Doug Jones in the prosthetic-heavy role of Saru, who was the first Kelpien to join the ranks of Starfleet in the Star Trek universe.

Anthony Rapp portrays Paul Stamets, Mary Wiseman portrays Sylvia Tilly, Wilson Cruz portrays Hugh Culber, and Tig Notaro portrays Jett Reno.
David Ajala and Blu del Barrio, who play Book and Adira, respectively, are more recent additions to the group, having joined in season 3 and being fully entrenched in the fourth season.

Other well-known actors and directors, such as Oded Fehr, who starred in The Mummy, and iconic director David Cronenberg, have also joined the cast in recent years, playing recurring roles.

When Discovery returns, expect to see some familiar faces as well as some new ones, with casting announcements set to be made over the coming weeks and months — keep an eye on this area for more information.

Star Trek: Discovery season 5 plot theories

A mysterious new life form known as Species 10-C was discovered during the fourth season of Star Trek: Discovery, and the malevolent Ruon Tarka devised a reckless plan that put the entire universe in danger.

Whether or whether the Discovery crew survives the season finale will have significant ramifications for the rest of the season, particularly in terms of the long-term effects of their actions.

While plotting the upcoming episodes, it’s probable that the writers would draw inspiration from current events in the real world, with the most recent storyline being largely influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’re taking the spirit of what we were and are feeling as a global family and looking through the eyes of our characters to see how they would respond to something that is bigger than themselves,” showrunner Michelle Paradise said in an interview with TVLine.

“What we have here is a scientific anomaly,” said the author of the paper. At the beginning of the season, we have no idea what it is, where it came from, or what its nature is like. This is a problem that our heroes will have to solve on their own.”


Many cast and staff members have not indicated that Season 5 will be their last season, but it isn’t known how long Discovery will stay on air. To quote Doug Jones, the show had a “five-year strategy” before it premiered. Since so many creative changes have occurred behind the scenes, there is no practical reason to believe this is still the case. “Discovery…could continue on much longer now,” Jones told Inverse in 2021. “Or will continue for a considerably longer period of time.”

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