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South Park: Will Season 26 Happen?

South Park is one of the most popular animated sitcoms that has been on television for more than 20 years. The adult comedy show revolves around 4 children of a small town in South Park. Till the day, the show’s satire is considered as of the best of its time as it depicts the real-life situations of the society on the show.

The news that Parker and Stone had signed a deal worth over $900 million with the company made the rounds on the internet. Fans of the animated series, which talks about the most topical and pressing topics, are not ready to say goodbye to the show. It is not surprising that the release date of “South Park” season 26 is actively interesting. The creators did not disappoint the audience, delighting fans with good news.

Parker and Stone receive 50% of the rights to show the animated series on online platforms. Their share is estimated at more than a billion dollars. The cost of the transaction was influenced by the decision of ViacomCBS to promote its own streaming channel. However, the screening rights are currently owned by HBO Max. For now, fans don’t have to worry about South Park season 26.


What Is The Plot?

In the first episodes of the twenty-fifth season, the main characters get the opportunity to take a break from the stress caused by the pandemic. But there is a high probability that soon the restrictions will be fixed in the lives of the guys forever.

The satirical sitcom discusses the latest political and social situations in the world. That is why the authors could not ignore such a topic as a pandemic. The twenty-fifth season of the show started on the screens on February 9, 2022, but has already attracted the attention of loyal viewers.

After announcing when South Park season 26 will air, the creators added that fans can look forward to 14 animated feature films. Recall that the Paramount + channel is responsible for showing the show.


Through the conversations of the main characters, the authors ridicule a variety of situations, from the political situation in the world to the religion of Tom Cruise. They say that seeing himself in a very unattractive light, the actor was offended and demanded that the episode be removed from the air. But later, Cruz said that he had not watched the cartoon and was not going to do all sorts of nonsense. Recall that such famous personalities as rapper Kanye West, Barbara Streisand and many other stars were ridiculed in the show.

The idea of ​​creating a story about the constantly dying Kenny is taken by one of the authors from childhood. The creator of the show remembered his classmate, who often skipped classes at school, inventing tall tales about how he died. In the show, you can hear the voice of George Clooney himself, who voiced the dog with an unconventional orientation.


South Park: When Will Season 26 Release?

The animation project of Parker and Stone has become one of the longest-running American films. However, the audience’s interest in the show does not decrease; on the contrary, the audience demands continuation. Critics suggest that the release date of South Park season 26 could be around September 2023. Despite the conflicting reviews about the animated series, it is renewed again and again. In addition, Parker and Stone signed a contract with ViacomCBS for the next six chapters. This means that fans can not worry about the fate of the animated series, at least until the thirtieth part.

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