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Compared to Anthony Bourdain, he’s a lot sillier and more personable — and that’s good news for certain people. The Netflix teaser for Season 1 of Phil Rosenthal’s “Somebody Feed Phil” (which can be watched on YouTube) could lead you to believe that you’re getting yet another travel programme about a serious chef venturing boldly into unexplored territories in search of culinary treasure. But that’s not the case. The illusion, on the other hand, is rapidly dispelled. The film opens with an artistic image of a Vietnam pond under a purple pre-dawn sky before cutting to Rosenthal, who is dressed in mud waders and leaning heavily on his guide, fearfully wondering if there are any snakes lurking in the water. His advisor assures him that there are plenty of them.

In an interview with the Houston Chronicle, Rosenthal admitted that he was “exactly like Anthony Bourdain – if he was frightened of everything.” “He had the courage to do it. He travelled to Borneo, where he received a tattoo from inebriated natives who pounded nails into his chest. I wondered whether there could be a show specifically for folks like me.” It turns out that, well, everyone enjoys the show that Rosenthal created for himself. In fact, he was recently crowned Male Star of the Year at the Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards, which took place this past June in Los Angeles.

Rosenthal found his niche in the culinary travel genre when the run of his hit sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond” came to an end. His spin on the genre is that a witty guy who doesn’t get out of the house much travels the world to see and taste different things. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix has renewed the comedy series “Somebody Feed Phil” for a fifth season. Rosenthal himself will also appear in the new season of the show. In addition, it turns out that Rosenthal has a long list of sites he wishes to see.

What is the release date for Somebody Feed Phil season 5?

Netflix has not yet announced whether or not Somebody Feed Phil will return for a fifth season. As a result, it’s realistic to assume that the show will be renewed in the near future. Somebody Feed Phil is greatly hampered by COVID-19 in its role as a trip food show. To go from Seoul to Marrakesh and Venice, where the show was able to go before the pandemic, is a lot more difficult now, so Netflix may be rethinking the series’ future in light of the current climate.

As far as Rosenthal is concerned, the show’s future looks brighter. Rosenthal joked about the possibility of a sixth season in an interview with The Wrap “‘Someone Feed Phil al Fresco’ may have to be renamed because of the safety concerns. However, you are still able to meet new people, learn about various cultures, and be safe while doing so.” Rosenthal said in another interview that he believes the show will return, but that “there will be a long development back” (via Houston Chronicle).

According to all of this, a fifth season might be released in mid-2022, but it all depends on Netflix’s plans and the global status of security. Somebody Feed Phil may be returning to Netflix soon, thanks to Netflix’s recent restart of several projects.

What locations will Phil Rosenthal visit in “Somebody Feed Phil” Season 5?

In the four seasons of “Somebody Feed Phil,” Phil Rosenthal has travelled the world several times. In Season 1, he has eaten in Saigon, Tel Aviv, and New Orleans (via Netflix). Aside from Venice and Buenos Aires, he has also visited Montréal and Morocco. In Season 4, Rosenthal visited Hawaii, San Francisco, and the Mississippi Delta, among other places.

Rosenthal told the Houston Chronicle, “I was taking into consideration the reality that not everyone can afford to travel overseas, but for another reason, America is amazing.” Even within your own town, I believe, is something you can do. While he has a point, the COVID-19 pandemic hampered our ability to leave our houses for more than a year. Where may Rosenthal go to film Season 5 now that foreign case numbers are on the rise (per The New York Times)?

Even though no locations have been confirmed, Rosenthal gave Fine Dining Lovers a short list of places he hopes to visit in the new season: India; Australia; Kyoto; and Oaxaca in Mexico. The Hollywood Reporter reports that there will be 10 episodes in the new season. Rosenthal described Mexico City’s food scene as “like one of the world’s major hubs of culinary art.”.

COVID-19 could open the door for Rosenthal to visit some of the U.S. towns he has yet to see, including Philadelphia, Boston, and Portland — which he described as “wonderful food places in America” in an interview with TheWrap.

What food will appear in “Somebody Feed Phil” Season 5?

Season 5 of “Somebody Feed Phil” has yet to be released by Netflix, so we can only conjecture about where and what Rosenthal will consume. As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, Rosenthal would like to visit Australia, Oaxaca, and Boston, which have yet to be visited by the show, in the near future, if possible. To quote him, “the world is opening up again and so is my mouth. “, Hollywood Reporter reported.

We can make some educated judgments about Rosenthal’s culinary preferences based on his trip bucket list. “Shrimp on the barbie” and Vegemite may conjure up images of Australian food for Americans (although Australians actually call them prawns, per Culture Trip). Chicken Parmigiana, sausages on the grill, and, of course, kangaroo on the bbq are all common pub fare in Australia (via Skyscanner).

Getting to Oaxaca would be an incredible experience for Rosenthal. It is a Mexican city in the southwest noted for its tacos, carne asada, and chile rellenos (via Uncornered Market). For a truly authentic Oaxacan experience, Rosenthal should also try goat’s head soup and corn fungus.

He’ll eat lobster if Boston is on Rosenthal’s Season 5 schedule, and perhaps even incorporate it into macaroni and cheese, a current staple. After that is a plate of the city’s signature baked beans and the city’s cream pie. There are several Boston restaurants that serve what many might consider a home-cooking dish: Yankee pot roast. This is a popular dish in Boston.

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