Snuffy Vtuber Face Reveal: Has She Revealed Her Face?

snuffy vtuber face reveal
snuffy vtuber face reveal

Snuffy Face Unveil: Snuffy is a Twitch and Vtuber personality with his own fan base. She was well-known for her Tiktok and Pokemon card streaming. This article will discuss Snuffy’s face reveal, real name, age, height, boyfriend, and more. Continue reading this article till the conclusion to learn more about the Snuffy Face reveal.

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Who Is Snuffy VTuber?

Snuffy is a female VTuber that debuted on April 20, 2020. She speaks English. She is self-produced, although she also participates in the Twitch channel Creampies.

She’s recognized for her Pokémon Card opening broadcasts, TikTok viewing streams, and a wide range of games, both in and outside of collaborative efforts with other VTubers

Name Snuffy Vtuber
Birthday February 24
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Vtuber, Streamer
Net worth Unknown

Snuffy VTuber Face Reveal

Snuffy is recognized for her high-pitched voice, laughing, and witty sense of humor. Her Twitch account has 166k followers, and her Youtube channel has over 70k subscribers.

Snuffy VTuber Face Reveal
Snuffy VTuber Face Reveal

Snuffy has yet to divulge her true identity to her fans. She didn’t even imply that she was going to show her face to the world. You may have observed that there are numerous videos titled “snuffy face revelation,” but none of them reveal her true identity.

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Snuffy’s Twitter

Snuffy has posted a video titled “my face reveals,” which you can see here.

Snuffy is Snuffy’s Real Name

Snuffy had kept her true identity hidden as well. Snuffy is a Twitch broadcaster and VTube character. Her smart humor is well-received by her fans.

Snuffy discovered nothing concerning herself on social media. We believe she will be able to rapidly recognize her own face and identity. She is a particularly active Twitter and Instagram user. In just a few months after joining Twitter in 2020, she had amassed over 87K followers.

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Snuffy’s Height & Age

This time, guessing her true birthdate and age isn’t an option. However, she is under the age of twenty. On the internet, only her birth date and month may be found. On February 24, she received her wishes.

Snuffy has made multiple appearances during her time broadcasting. She is now a raccoon girl, with shoulder-length brown hair, a raccoon mask, amber eyes, and keen teeth.

She’s wearing a raccoon skull image on a grey t-shirt, a black leather choker, a black and orange sweater, black knee-high stockings, and black platform Converse sneakers. She began as a pink long-haired catgirl with a pastel goth mood in pink and blue.

In October 2020, she launched a Witch outfit with shoulder-length hair designed by BlueBirdHay. Snuffy’s hair has been cropped shorter in all versions since then.

She launched a Winter costume and coloring designed by BlueBirdHay in December 2020, which featured a huge fluffy tail and a blue and white color shift. Snuffy has got a fluffy tail on all of his appearances since then.

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Snuffy’s Boyfriend

Snuffy has made no statements regarding her partner or any other type of relationship. She has a lot of friends, but no one knows about her dating life. Shine, Nyanners, Veibae, Ironmouse, Silverdale, Bunny GIF, BlueBirdHay, and Projekt Melody are among Snuffy’s VTuber buddies.

Kimchi, her adorable kitty, frequently appears on Snuffy’s Wednesday-night Pokémon Card unveiling broadcasts. Snuffy refers to her VTuber pals as waifs. Snuffy has indicated an interest in Veibae’s proposition.


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