Shetland Series 8 Release Date Set For 2023 On BBC One: Everything You Need To Know!

Sethland Series 8 release date
Sethland Series 8 release date

Shetland Season 8 Premiere Date and Time: Shetland Season 8 will premiere soon. Most fans and have been curious about Shetland Season 8 Release Date, Time, Cast, and other details. This page has been updated with all of the latest information about Shetland Season 8.

Shetland Series 8 has been confirmed to air in 2023!

Shetland is one of the most watched British crime dramas on TV. After just a few episodes, this show got a lot of attention, and now it’s on Season 8, which is its eighth season. Fans are very excited about Shetland Season 8, and they can’t wait to find out when it will come out. Well, though, these are just guesses. So, we’ll have to wait for the official word from Renewed about when Season 8 of Shetland will be out.

Shetland Series Expected Release Date

After nine years in the role, Henshall has decided to leave Shetland at the end of its seventh season, which starts in August. He wants to try out other acting roles.

The BBC has confirmed that the crime drama, which also stars Alison O’Donnell and Mark Bonnar, will come back for the 8th season in 2023. A new lead and more casting will be announced at the right time. Henshall talked about leaving the show and said that he will miss DI Perez and Shetland.

Shetland season 8 cast

The majority of the series’ main cast will return for Season 8, and we know that the following will all be involved:

  • Douglas Henshall as DI Jimmy Perez
  • DS Alison ‘Tosh’ McIntosh is played by Alison O’Donnell.
  • Steven Robertson as DC Sandy Wilson
  • Duncan Hunter is played by Mark Bonnar.
  • Cora McLean is played by Anne Kidd.
  • Lewis Howden as Sgt Billy McCabe
  • Cassie Perez is played by Erin Armstrong.
  • Donnie is played by Angus Miller.
  • Maggie Kean is played by Anneika Rose.

Shetland Season 7: Review

Duncan turned himself into the police at the end of the previous series. “You don’t need to do this,” Jimmy tried to stop him, but Duncan replied, “Yes, I do.”

It’s clear that this will not be the focus of the new series, as Douglas informs us that the timeline has advanced a year and Jimmy is back at work.

“His year-long suspension and all of that is coming to an end, and then it’s back to work — it all wraps up fairly quickly. The benefit of having [seasons] six and seven to wrap up the show was that we could use a proper arc, and I think he’s just getting to the point where he’s not sure it’s worth it any longer.

I believe he is beginning to realize that there are other things in life besides being a cop.” The team in this series is looking for Connor, a “vulnerable young man” who has gone missing on Shetland.

Douglas continues: “The family has its own history, which we are beginning to unravel. It turns out that Danny Cairns [Connor’s father, played by Andrew Whipp] isn’t who he claims to be, and the story becomes more political as it progresses. It’s very well put together, and I believe it will keep people guessing until the very end.”

Where To Watch Shetland Season 8

Shetland Seasons is available on iPlayer in the United Kingdom and BritBox in the United States.

Shetland Season 8: Trailer

No, there is no trailer yet, but you can watch the Season 7 Trailer.


How many seasons of Shetland are on BritBox?

It appears that Shetland fans will not have to wait long for the show to be available on BritBox. Meanwhile, new episodes will air weekly on BBC One in the United Kingdom. Seasons 1-6 are currently available on BritBox.

Is there going to be a season 7 of Shetland?

Shetland season 7 continues on BBC1 on Wednesday, August 31 at 9 p.m. with episode two. You can also watch on BBC iPlayer, where you can see previous episodes. Meanwhile, in the United States, the series is likely to return to BritBox.

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