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Selling Sunset season 5 on Netflix release date, cast and everything you need to know!

However, we’re still waiting to learn if resident villain Christine Quinn will quit Selling Sunset Season 4, which aired on Netflix on November 24, 2021 and delivered ten must-see episodes packed with camaraderie and feuds as well as fashion and multimillion dollar residences.

It’s all here. Fortunately, Season 5 of The Oppenheim Group has wrapped up filming, so we won’t have to wait too long before seeing the real estate agents’ lives again on our screens.

Here’s all we know thus far about Selling Sunset Season 5.

The release date for the fifth season of Selling Sunset

“It won’t be long before Season 5!,” Chrishell Stause recently tweeted.

Just completed filming!’ he exclaimed. “, I exclaimed with a smirk. It was revealed in an Instagram post on December 19, 2021, that Season 5 had been completed by the time she posted it.


Despite rumours to the contrary, we may expect to see more of Christine Quinn’s pranks in the future.

She told a fan, “I’m extremely tired of addressing this.” Throughout Seasons 4 and 5, I appear in every episode. It seems as if the girls aren’t even aware that I exist. As a matter of fact, I’m going to leave my phone at home today because I’ve got an actual job to do. “I’ll be here for all of you,” he promised.

Season 5 Updates

This season’s postings will be “some of my largest listings to date,” Chrishell said in an interview with, hinting at an upcoming “more personal” season. Consequently, the real estate aspect of the event caught my eye. It goes without saying that the storey has a dramatic element to it. Not only is it not one of my favourite pastimes, but I also find it incredibly taxing to do so. Many of the mysteries from Season 4 remain unresolved, but it is our hope that they will be addressed in Season 5.


Vanessa Villela, a Mexican-American novela star, and Emma Hernan, a model and frozen food entrepreneur, both made their debut this season. Throughout the season, the storey revolved around Emma’s burgeoning romance with Christine, with whom she had a rocky past. Christine’s assertion that she, too, was engaged to a guy she had previously dated was mishandled. Especially Mary, who was close to Christine during the entire period of the events and believed the women’s stories, everyone came to the conclusion that Christine was lying.

On stage, Christine and the other members of The Oppenheim Group fought it out at an event. In the absence of Mary, the other women rebuffed Christine’s offer to meet one-on-one with her. It appeared as though Christine was quitting from the company and the programme as a result of this, as she and her husband left.

When and where can you watch Selling Sunset?

Netflix is the only place where you can see Selling Sunset right now. Seasons 1-4 are now available on DVD.

Is Selling Sunset Going to Have a Follow-Up Series?

Yes! After Jason announced the opening of an Orange County office, a new spin-off called “Selling the OC” was introduced. Occasionally Heather Rae, who lives in Newport Beach with her husband Tarek El Mousa, will visit by. As of now, there is no release date for the next season of the show in question.

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