Is it possible to see a show that includes a lot of dancing? Unquestionably a must-see. It’s time to discuss our current favorite television show. Anyone who enjoys dancing or who enjoys watching shows that feature dancing should have binge-watched this show.

Earlier this year, Netflix released a show that is nothing short of spectacular. This particular show’s name is ‘Ritmo Salvaje,’ which literally means ‘Savage Rhythm.’ There appears to be a lot of interest in this drama series among the audience members.

This Spanish drama follows the lives of two groups of young people from opposing backgrounds who have only two things in common: they are both from the same town.

For starters, they are enthused about dancing and performing. They are also at a point in their lives when they are being pushed to make decisions about their futures, which is a good thing.

A total of eight episodes were released on Netflix on March 2, 2022, with the first episode premiering on March 2, 2022. Yes, it has only been a few days since the release of the album. The season has ended, and we’re already looking forward to the next one.

Many people are anxiously awaiting the announcement of whether or not there will be another season of this fantastic dancing show. Let’s take a look at it today.

Savage Rhythm Season 2: Is It Renewed Yet?

Netflix has not yet announced a release date for Season 2 of Savage Rhythm. Show Status as of Right Now Season 2 of Savage Rhythm has not been renewed as of yet.

Savage Rhythm Season 2 Release Date

The first season of ‘Savage Rhythm’ premiered on Netflix on March 2, 2022. The first season consists of eight episodes that range in length from 27 to 49 minutes each.

In terms of season 2, here is what we currently know. As of this writing, Netflix has not made any official statements regarding the future of the series. Perhaps the streamer is going to wait to see how the dance drama performs before deciding whether or not it would be a good idea to order another round of cocktails. When it comes to Netflix shows, we usually find out whether or not they have been renewed after a couple of months.

Savage Rhythm Season 2 Release Date
Savage Rhythm Season 2 Release Date

Furthermore, the ambiguous note on which season 1 concludes strongly suggests that a second season will be required to neatly tie up the loose ends of the plot threads. In light of all of the above, even if the show is recommissioned, it is unlikely that we will see the potential sophomore round before the end of the decade. As a result, we can anticipate the release of ‘Savage Rhythm’ season 2 sometime in the first quarter of 2023.

Savage Rhythm Season 2 Cast

Antonio, Karina, David Palacio, Martina la Peligrosa, Sashua López, Angela Cano, and Greeicy Rendón are the main characters in the series, with Paulina Dávila portraying Antonia, Greeicy Rendón portraying Karina, and David Palacio portraying Checho (Ximena). Apart from them, Juan Manuel Guilera (Mateo), Cristina Warner (Manda), Kevin Bury (Alex), and Sergio Herrera (Vicente) all play pivotal roles in the film.

Aside from Alejandro Buitrago (Curro), Andrés Juan Hernandez (Jacobo), Elisa Torriente (Majo), and Patricia Tamayo, the show also features other cast members (Rebeca). As a result, if there is a second season, we can expect the majority of these actors to reprise their roles. However, given what happened to her onscreen character in the season 1 finale, it is unclear whether or not Dávila will be a part of the series moving forward. If the show is brought back for a second season, there is a chance that we will see some new faces as well.

Savage Rhythm Season 2 Plot

During the first season, both Karina and Antonia find each other’s lives to be quite attractive, which eventually leads to them becoming involved with one another. However, a misunderstanding exacerbated the situation, resulting in the sowing of the seeds of rivalry between the two parties. It became more mature at the conclusion of the season when Antonia accepted Miranda’s offer and left Karina on her own. Karina and her crew felt betrayed, so they decided to sabotage Royal’s group’s performance in the competition.

Guayna’s music video was about to be shot when Karina, Bombita, Chama, and Ximeno appeared, ready to film it. Despite the fact that they were able to film, an explosion occurred at the end of the scene, leaving Antonia collapsed in a pool of blood. So, if Savage Rhythm Season 2 is renewed, it is likely that it will eventually explore what happened to Antonia. Is she in good health? Aside from that, it will eventually reveal who was responsible for the explosion. Her life is currently on the line as a result of this. As a result, there would be more traumas in Season 2 of Savage Rhythm.

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Savage Rhythm Season 2 Trailer

The release date for Season 2 of Savage Rhythm hasn’t been announced yet, There has no official trailer for season 2. Watch the previous season’s Trailer (season 1).


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