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With each passing death, the first season of Natasha Lyonne’s 2019 twisted time-loop comedy Russian Doll drew in an increasing number of fans. The Netflix original revolves around Nadia (Lyonne), a hard-partying New Yorker whose 36th birthday turns fatal, plunging her into a Groundhog Day-like scenario wherein she must die repeatedly in order to solve the mystery of what killed her in the first place. Nadia (Lyonne) is a hard-partying New Yorker whose 36th birthday turns fatal, plunging her into a Groundhog Day-like scenario in which she must die repeatedly in order to solve the Approximately halfway through the season, Nadia meets Alan (Charlie Barnett), who is also caught in a similar loop. It was a hugely popular show that received widespread critical acclaim as well as Emmy nominations for the two of them as they attempted to untangle themselves from their time-bending predicament.

Many praised the show for being completely self-contained in its first season, but co-creators Lyonne, Amy Poehler, and Leslye Headland stated upon the show’s release that they were interested in developing a multi-season story arc. Then, in June 2019, the show was officially renewed for a second season, several months after it first aired in February 2019. Because it’s been a while since the show premiered on Netflix—and because the show’s finale was a bit of a cliffhanger to begin with—you’re probably curious about where the comedy is headed. Listed below is everything we know so far about what Russian Doll Season 2 might have in store for viewers.

Russian Doll Season 2 Release Date 

On Monday, Netflix released a trippy teaser trailer for the upcoming second season of “Russian Doll,” revealing that the Natasha Lyonne comedy-drama will finally return on April 20, 2022, as previously announced.

There have been three years since the first season of “Russian Doll” premiered on television, but in the fictional world of the show, four years have passed since Nadia (Lyonne) and Alan (Charlie Barnett) managed to break free from an endlessly repeating time loop. According to the streamer, they are currently dealing with something even more serious.

Season 2 of the show will “continue to explore existential thematics through an often humorous and sci-fi lens,” according to the logline on the streamer’s website. “After discovering a fate even worse than endless death, Nadia and Alan are forced to delve deeper into their respective pasts through an unexpected time portal located in one of Manhattan’s most notorious locations. They initially perceive this as an ever-expanding, era-spanning, intergenerational adventure, but they soon realize that this extraordinary event may be more than they bargained for, and they must work together to find a way out.”

Russian Doll Season 2 Cast

Natasha Lyonne is unquestionably a lock for the role, dead or alive. This is her specialty as one of the executive producers, one of the directors, and one of the writers (she shares all of these responsibilities with Headland and Amy Poehler). Because of her brash, bruised persona, which permeates the show like nicotine and vodka, it simply wouldn’t exist without her presence.

When asked by Laverne Cox for Interview Magazine about the aspects of her own life that had the greatest influence on the Emmy-winning show, Lyonne shared the following insight: “Even in the face of brokenness, I have faith in the goodness that exists beneath the surface. That is extremely important to me in terms of my personal value system. I believe that we would be a much happier species if we could all admit that we are, in so many ways, a broken species. Then we’d come to the realization that we’re actually okay after all.

Russian Doll season 2 cast
Russian Doll season 2 cast

“And that doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t participate in life; rather, it implies that you should have the freedom to participate in life in the way that you actually are.”

According to her, “Of course, it’s a fictionalized show, but it was terrifying for me to be so honest and autobiographical,” she said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Thanks to the teaser, we can also see that her loop buddy Alan will be joining her, which is exciting to know. Despite the fact that Charlie Barnett played an important role in the first season, it is unclear how Alan will reunite with Nadia for the second round until we learn more about season two. We do know he has a mustache, which is important information to know about any individual.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lyonne revealed that Alan wasn’t always a central character on the show: “When it comes to the writers’ room, the fact is that Alan was a completely different character in the initial pitch and pilot. The second month in the room was when he really came to life.

In the past, he had played a variety of other characters, and now that I look back, it’s almost impossible to imagine that show without Alan.”

Nadia’s friends Maxine (Greta Lee) and Lizzy (Rebecca Henderson) are also confirmed to make an appearance.

In addition, while Nadia’s mother, Lenora Vulvokov, received some closure in the season one finale, we wouldn’t be surprised if Chloe Sevigny reprises her role as Lenora Vulvokov at some point in the series’ future.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Sevigny said, “I don’t think people understand the gravity of that, how much of the show was based on things around her mother.” “It was a very emotional and upsetting experience, but it was also cathartic. In terms of a human relationship, it was quite profound on a best-friend level.”

What about newcomers? You can expect to see Annie Murphy from Schitt’s Creek in the cast, as well as Carolyn Michelle Smith and Sharlto Copley from District 9 in the upcoming season.

Lyonne told Entertainment Weekly that Smith’s character is a “core component and the heart of the season,” who together with Nadia explores “the nature of mortality.” “On a human level, there are some serious motherf**kers on that Russian Doll show, and she’s definitely one of the good guys.”

What exactly does all of this mean? There’s really only one way to find out.

Russian Doll Season 2 Plot

What’s up, man? “What you see is a character that’s striving for a spiritual or an existential aim, as opposed to one that has to do with anything external that’s within the world or determined by someone else,” says Headland.

Because whatever Nadia does falls outside of the typical comedy-drama cliches of parenthood and relationship fulfillment, the show is a success. “‘What’s wrong with me?’ and ‘What is my life?’ are the genuine questions she’s asking herself. And to be honest, I don’t think women have the ability to pose those kinds of questions.”

Asked about the show’s treatment of its female characters in an interview with Vanity Fair, Poehler elaborated further.

The idea for “Russian Doll” originated from a discussion with [Natasha] that we started about roles for women, and how a lot of our very iconic television characters that are portrayed by guys are truly permitted to be many different things at once,” she said. “They can be deadly, gentle, sultry, and freezing all at the same time.

In our minds, the only way a female character could pull it off is if she had unlimited access to redoing her scenes.

As Headland put it: “Netflix, rather than oppose our idea, embraced it.”

It was pushed further into an original realm, one that was riskier, rather than asking if it could be made more conventionally so that more people liked it.

Russian Doll season 2 plot
Russian Doll season 2 plot

So expect a deeper investigation of the truth in the second season. Nadia might be able to assist someone else in regaining their sense of self-worth. Season two might see her go from time-looping to flashforwards. Be ready for anything.

THR spoke with Lyonne, who stated the following: “I have a few ideas, ranging from the outlandish anthology to sticking with Nadia. And it’s possible that it’s all part of the same concept. I’d love to continue working on Russian Doll in the manner we proposed and the heart and spirit of it. It’s exhilarating and a little unnerving all at once.”

As Lyonne stated (via What’s on Netflix), “I’m quite thrilled about some of our early chats and to see where they truly lead by the time we start putting pen to paper in a devoted way.” “However, the notes, in the beginning, are quite heavy.”

She also said: “It’s… you want to take a creative leap off a cliff… For now, I’m going to give you some vague answers, but suffice it to say that I’m touched that people are eager to dive into the details of the Russian Doll’s connection.

“So, I believe my objective in our plans is to continue to dive deep in a way that is visually appealing and makes you laugh from the inside out.”

This is how Headland summarised Nadia’s journey: “Nadia was a part of all three of them when they were first proposed. However, it wasn’t done in a usual manner. We knew she’d be there since Lyonne is the show’s pulsating heart and soul. It didn’t matter if she was haunted or if she was haunting the story.”

Speaking to Thrillist, Lyonne hinted that Russian Doll’s Nadia might exist in numerous forms.

“Everywhere you look, there are a zillion yous. It all comes down to which one you’ll wear today. It begs the question of just how many variations there are on each of the characters. That was probably a possibility.”

Lyonne also mentioned that future seasons might expand on the video game ties created in season one:

If you’re a video gamer, this raises the question of whether or not they’ve entered a fresh situation at that point in time.

Surely Nadia and Alan won’t have to go through the trauma of season one all over again. What an original idea!

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