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Riverdale Season 6: What Will Happen Next? What Is Known

The new preview of “Riverdale” season 6 does not promise anything good. A horror exorcism awaits us, and one of the series stars loses his hearing permanently.


“Riverdale” Season 6: New Episode Preview Released

We finally got the first preview of the new episodes of “Riverdale” Season 6 and it’s already looking wild again. A horror exorcism, hearing loss in Jughead Jones and a lot of love drama can be seen in the trailer.

After the new episodes were pushed back to March 20th, fans didn’t expect an update so soon. After struggling with some death dramas in “Rivervale”, at least it doesn’t look like anyone is going to die now. But the explosion by Hiram Lodge seems to have dire consequences. Not for Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper, who miraculously survived the attack in their home, but for Jughead Jones, who has since suffered hearing loss. In an interview with Decider, Cole Sprouse also revealed that this will be an ongoing process and more side effects of the blast will be uncovered. 


“Riverdale” Season 6 Surprises With Hearing Loss And A Possible Exorcism

In the “Riverdale” Season 6 preview, we also see that Reggie and Veronica have relationship problems not only in “Rivervale”, but also in Riverdale again. But don’t worry, we’ve also taken care of crazy content again.

A sequence of Penelope Blossom shows her in a pretty wild state and daughter Cheryl Blossom has yet another rather strange suggestion: “We have to do an exorcism,” she says in the trailer. For those who don’t know, an exorcism is a religious ritual of casting demons out of the body that’s quite controversial these days. 

We also get to see Betty’s nightmare again, the Trash Bag Killer, and it looks like there’s going to be a showdown between Archie Andrews and Betty’s ex-boyfriend Glen, who fans are pretty suspicious of anyway. However, to finally see what happens next, we still have to wait almost two months.


Camila Mendes Used Fame As Revenge

Riverdale is currently on an XXL break and the new episodes of season 6 have been pushed back again, but that doesn’t mean that our favorite series are also on break. Camila Mendes became known worldwide as Veronica Lodge in the Netflix series “Riverdale”. Since then, it’s hard to imagine Hollywood without her. But does she see all the fame and success only as revenge on people from her past?

“You can use fame as revenge. Success is a good tool for saying, ‘Look at me! Hey, all the ex-boyfriends who screwed me. All the friendships that fell apart! Look! Being apart, was and is really really good for me,'” the actress says in an interview. At least that’s how it felt to her at the beginning of her career: “But at the end of the day it’s not all real.”

Camila Mendes: ‘Fame Is Pretty Much Meaningless’

Over time, she realized that fame and success isn’t everything in life: “Fame is pretty meaningless. It doesn’t measure any value in terms of how well you’re doing in life or how fulfilled you feel in life. Not even how good your work is.”  During the shooting of “Riverdale”, she often reaches her limits and can’t hold back her tears anymore. 

For her, success is not something that makes someone better or the happiest person in the world: “Success doesn’t have to mean being happy or fulfilled. It doesn’t matter how many followers follow you on Instagram.”  Everyone has their ups and downs in life, global success doesn’t change that.

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