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Rihanna Is Pregnant! Now It’s Official! Baby Is Coming!

Rihanna Is Pregnant! Now It's Official! Baby Is Coming!

Rihanna is pregnant. The singer showed her baby bump to the whole world in a series of shots with her boyfriend A $ AP Rocky, the father of her first child. In the photos, Rihanna is radiant, wearing a long pink jacket and a pair of ripped baggy jeans for the exit. The artist completed the look with jewels that adorned the belly.

According to Page Six, the couple had already been spotted in the previous days at the New York restaurant Carbone, and it was on this occasion Rihanna’s baby bump made its debut. In fact, the two lovers had to sit at a particular table to accommodate the singer’s needs.

“Rihanna drank sparkling water and rubbed her belly,” an insider told Page Six. “At one point, she got up and had to do something like a maneuver to move around the table.”


It looks like Rihanna has been trying to hide her tummy under baggy dresses and oversized jackets for the past few months. She was recently spotted in New York’s Peasant with A $ AP wearing a huge red down jacket and sweatshirt, which hid her pregnancy.

In November, the singer sparked the first rumors of her pregnancy when she accepted the National Hero Award from her native Barbados. According to many, her tight-fitting dress had given a glimpse of the first hint of a belly. However, at the time, Rihanna denied that she was pregnant.

It is not clear at the moment actually how long Rihanna has been pregnant and when her first child will be born. There is also no information on the sex of the unborn child. We will indeed find out soon, staying up to date on the couple’s social networks.

The Story Behind Dating

For years, fans have been hoping for a relationship between Rihanna and ASAP Rocky. Now your wish could come true. The two stars are with each other and seem to be having a lot of fun. 

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky have been good friends for years, and they’ve had a bit of a crackdown in the past. They even kissed each other during a video shoot in 2013! Sweet declaration of love: The clip was shot for ASAP’s song “Fashion Killa”, and Rihanna got the lead role. After all, the rap star wrote the song just for Rihanna, super cute. At the time, staffers reported that the musicians kissed onset and were very intimate with each other. We will ship the dream couple. You also?


So did he already have a crush on Rihanna in 2013? Fans are 100% sure and have been shipping the two musicians for years. Asap Rocky and Rihanna are also having a hot love night in New York in early 2020. In an interview with GQ, the rapper shared more information about his relationship.

”I can imagine becoming a father and starting a family with Rihanna. She is right for me—the love of my life. When you know, you know. Her attitude is Rihanna, and she got it from her mommy that our kids are going to be more stylish than their parents.”

Rihanna has often mentioned in interviews that she also wants to have children. Before Asap Rocky, she also said she would fulfill this wish even without a man by her side. Now she is happily taken, in love and doesn’t have to go any other way. Rihanna said last year that she wants at least three to four children in her future. So the two superstars, Asap Rocky and Rihanna, will soon start a family of their own? Your children will be beautiful and very talented.

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