Rick And Morty Season 6 Episode 6 Release Date, Time, & Preview

rick and morty season 6 episode 6
rick and morty season 6 episode 6

Now that we’re halfway through season 6, Rick and Morty’s fans are wondering when they will be able to watch the next episode after how funny the last one was. Here is when episode 6 will be on Adult Swim and at what time.

When And What Time Does Rick And Morty Season 6 Episode 6 Come Out?

The sixth episode of Rick and Morty’s sixth season will air on Adult Swim in the US on Sunday, October 9, 2022, at 11 p.m. ET. On Monday, October 10, 2022, at 4 a.m. BST, fans in the UK will be able to watch the new episode through the Channel 4 streaming platform All4. This season will have 10 episodes, just like the ones that came before it, except for season 1, which had 11.

So far, Season 6 has been full of the same funny jokes that made Rick and Morty so popular in the first place. Fans have seen new inventions, dangerous rescue missions, and the usual family drama that has been a part of the series up to this point.

Rick And Morty Season 6 Release Schedule

As of this writing, no breaks in the airing of season 6 have been announced. This means that Rick and Morty are likely to keep coming out every week until episode 10 of the new season. Here are the dates when the next Rick and Morty season 6 episodes will be shown on Adult Swim:

  • Episode 6 – October 9, 2022
  • Episode 7 – October 16, 2022
  • Episode 8 – October 23, 2022
  • Episode 9 – October 30, 2022
  • Episode 10 – November 6, 2022

Those who are worried about what will happen to Rick and Morty after season 6 can rest easy knowing that season 7 is already being made. Dan Harmon, one of the show’s creators, has confirmed that the seventh season has already been written. There is no news yet about when it will air, but more information is likely to come out in the next few months.

Where Can I Watch Season 6 Of Rick And Morty For Free Online?

The best way to avoid being spoiled is to watch this new episode as soon as it comes out. And cable or a live TV skinny bundle are the easiest ways to watch live. Since Adult Swim is part of Cartoon Network, all you need to do tonight is turn your TV to Cartoon Network.

People who have cable can even watch when they won’t be at home. You can watch live from anywhere if you have a cable login and password. The Adult Swim app is available for iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, and Apple TV.

A Sneak Peek At Episode 5 Of Season 6 Of Rick And Morty

Adult Swim showed us a sneak peek of the fifth episode of the latest season. Rick and Jerry are an odd pair, but they work together in the official video to try to get into the Fortune 500 building.

Since there are about 300 cameras in the building, Rick doesn’t want to turn off the whole surveillance system. Instead, he decides to act as he works there like everyone else. Rick does this by calling up a suit for himself and making Jerry look like a secretary.

This shows that Rick is channeling his inner superhero. We don’t know what this building is or why Rick and Jerry are putting themselves through all this trouble, but when the new episode airs on Adult Swim in a few hours, we’ll definitely find out.

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