Rick And Morty Season 6 Episode 5 Release Date & Time, Review And Analysis

rick and morty season 6 episode 5
rick and morty season 6 episode 5

However, it turns out that the bust is a bust and that the Panda Express staff only brought out the big guns because they thought Rick was a DEA agent trying to shut down their city-wide meth ring. It’s a shame about the sliced and diced bodies on the kitchen floor, but, as one of the gang calmly points out, “it comes with the territory.”

Rick and Jerry’s one lead is a Fortune 500 delivery truck that takes them back to the sprawling, secret underground factory cornered by the fortune cookie market. Jerry’s in no mood for Rick’s jokes about the Cookie Monster, but he goes along with the reusable Sailor Moon-style transformation sequence that gives him a handy disguise while saving the show money.

It turns out the company is cornering the market on fate and that if you invest enough money in the business, you can control your destiny. Rick also works out that Jerry’s (for now) unresolved fortune effectively makes him immortal – there’s no way he’d use his son-in-law as a human shield otherwise. Right?

Then it’s time for the big sci-fi idea, one of those semi-regular examples of Rick and Morty technobabble that require several rewatches before you truly get your head around them. At the heart of Fortune 500 is a creature that usually eats chaos but has developed a digestive disorder causing it to strip randomness from space-time. As a result, it leaves behind super dense pockets of energy that “bend entropy towards definable outcomes.” According to Rick, it’s how fate works – like gravity, but “instead of pulling small towards big, it pulls unknown towards known.” Of course, understanding all that isn’t quite as important as the realization that everybody who’s ever eaten a fortune cookie was eating alien poop.

It also sets the backdrop for a wonderfully inventive battle royale, in which Go-Go Gadget Rick takes on a legion of Fortune 500 goons and makes the Panda Express scrap look like a playground tiff. Meanwhile, Jerry does everything he can to avoid the inevitable with his perplexed mom, brought in by the company’s power-hungry CEO, to take Jerry’s dangerously unresolved fortune out of the equation.

There are definite echoes of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s infinite improbability drive and Red Dwarf’s luck virus in the way the episode treats chance as a tangible commodity. Soldiers are armed with fortunes that allow them to control fire and water or stick to walls. Still, in classic Rick and Morty style, they’re turned into weaknesses rather than strengths – as the guy who cannot die finds out to his cost when he’s left in massive pain by a chestful of bullets.

Rick wins by making the CEO the most successful woman in the world, resolving her unresolved fortune, and making her mortal. She still has time to go full Akira as a weird blobby monster, but she’s no match for the chaos-eating creature.

Rick also does the decent thing and saves Jerry from an extremely close encounter with his mom when they’re both nearly sucked into a vortex. We assume Rick’s hastily created “Jerry no sex mom” fortune neutralizes the original prediction. Still, there’s a chance that Jerry’s going to have some pent-up immortality to carry him through the rest of the season – which would be quite the kicker for Rick, who loses the invulnerability granted by his own unresolved “you’ll make a new friend” fortune when Jerry gets too nice and invokes his father-in-law’s wrath.

So while Jerry may have successfully avoided the unspeakable with his mom, Rick and Morty will always find a way to ensure he doesn’t end up on top.

A little Mort information

  • “Final destination” alludes to the long-running, fate-based horror program Final Destination.
  • For the benefit of those born after the middle of the 1980s, Taxi was a sitcom that aired from 1978 to 1983 and featured a group of New York taxi drivers. It is renowned for launching the careers of Christopher Lloyd, Danny DeVito, and Andy Kaufman.
  • Jerry alludes to a fictional lover generated by an alien parasite in the excellent season 2 episode “Total Rickall” when he claims that Sleepy Gary destroyed his gag reflex.
  • A photograph of Snuffles, the family dog given intelligence by one of Rick’s inventions in season one episode “Lawnmower Dog,” may be seen briefly over Beth’s shoulder. After that, Snuffles left Earth searching for additional canines with superhuman intelligence.
  • Rick asks the Eye of Thundera for assistance getting dressed in a suit. In ThunderCats, Lion-Sword O’s of Omens has the Eye of Thundera embedded in the hilt.
  • Jerry’s effects-heavy outfit change is inspired by the Japanese manga/anime Sailor Moon, which tells the tale of a schoolgirl who becomes the show’s titular hero through a distinctive, cost-effective animation scene.
  • The Fortune 500 lists the 500 largest US corporations published by Fortune magazine and the organization that controls fate in the animated series Rick and Morty.
  • An earlier episode of season one, “Anatomy Park,” featured Jerry’s mother.
  • Rick notes that Billy Zane, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and prime ministers attended the Fortune 500 CEO conference. Billy Zane hangs around with influential people because he was also present during Derek and Hansel’s walk-off in Zoolander.
  • The monster that poops fate resembles a large tardigrade. A massive tardigrade also powered the prototype spore drive of the ship in the first season of Star Trek: Discovery.
  • The custodian of the monster, the one who wants to wed the beast, refers to Margaret Howe and a dolphin when he makes the statement. Howe was a scientist who participated in a contentious NASA-sponsored experiment in the 1960s.
  • In the post-credits scene, when the family goes to the zoo, Morty is dismayed to find out that people are just zoo exhibits. As his response indicates, this is an overused sci-fi trope, most notably in the episode of The Twilight Zone called “People are Alike All Over.”



Will season 6 bring us more of the villainous Morty?

As a new antagonist had been introduced to the story at the beginning of season six, the author addressed the adversary last seen after season five. After speaking with Variety about the season six premiere, Harmon said of Evil Morty, “You will be seeing him again.”

Is episode six of Rick and Morty out?

Release Date & Time for Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 6
The new episode will air on Adult Swim’s network on July 25, 2021, at 11:00 PM ET for those who live in the United States.

What caused Rick and Morty to split up?

Rick and Morty effectively part ways in the penultimate episode of Season 5 after Morty accidentally used Rick’s portal rifle and dripped portal fluid on his palm.

Will Morty turn evil again?

Fans of Rick and Morty Season 6 were left wanting more of Evil Morty after the show’s main new villain was introduced, but happily, one of the show’s creators has confirmed that Evil Morty will indeed return!

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