Red Lights Movie Ending Explained in Detail: Is the movie Red Lights based on a true story?


With the arrival of winter and the long, dark hours of January, it’s time to rediscover some older hidden gems that are available to stream for free. One such example is Red Lights.

There is a slew of genre actors in the cast. For those who enjoy a good spooky narrative, it is both shocking and exciting. The thriller is a fast-paced thriller that leaves you with more questions than answers.

What happened to Tom in reality? Is this a fictionalized version of a true story? Is it possible that Silver was involved in Margaret’s death and Tom’s attack?

Red Lights, starring Cillian Murphy, Robert De Niro, Sigourney Weaver, and Elizabeth Olsen and directed by Rodrigo Cortez, is a gripping supernatural thriller that deserves to be seen again.

The ten-year-old picture is well-made, acted, and edited, and it ends with a surprising twist. It’s currently available for free on IMDb and Tubi, among other places. Here’s all you need to know about the genuine tale behind Red Lights’ ending, as well as what it all implies.

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Red Lights Movie Ending Explained in Details

Tom alights at Silver’s concert and observes him. He is assaulted and beaten to a pulp in the restroom. Tom regains his composure and marches into the concert, confronting Silver.

As he approaches Silver, the entire area begins to dissolve as the lights begin to fuse. While we believe Silver is committing this act, Tom tosses a penny towards Silver, which he catches, demonstrating to the audience that Silver is seeing.

Simultaneously, Silver begins shouting at Tom, “How did you do that?” Tom simply exits.

Tom then reveals through a monologue that he possesses paranormal abilities, possibly psychokinetic. Tom was the one who was orchestrating the bizarre happenings that occurred around him the entire time.

Red Lights Movie Ending Explained
Red Lights Movie Ending Explained

Tom reveals that he has always been on the lookout for someone who is similar to him. And now he laments not informing Margaret of his abilities. He feels he did not provide her with the solace of knowing that something else exists, that at least one person had extrasensory abilities. A person standing just alongside her.

Tom, on the other hand, was in denial until the final scene, when he confronts Silver. He had never tested the depth of his abilities or even allowed himself to completely appreciate his uniqueness. He waited for that other person with the ability to appear and acknowledge his own. However, this never occurs; they never locate anyone.

Tom is denying himself even as he is being pounded to a pulp in the restroom. He could, if he so desired, have flipped the attacker inside out, but he does not. His mind is liberated during these moments. Tom accepts his powers as he climbs up to the platform from the floor of the bathroom.

For the first time, he unleashes himself, shuddering the entire area. The film concludes with Tom deactivating Margaret’s son’s life support.

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Is Red Lights Movie based on a true story?

Although none of the characters are based on real people, there are several parallels to real-world examples of fraud and paranormal claims.

Reverend Peter Popoff was exposed in 1986 for utilizing radio equipment to listen to his handlers, who sent him information about the audience members.

Margaret and Tom’s exposure of Leonardo Palladino has a line that matches some of the recorded material from Popoff’s investigation. Additionally, Leonardo’s name is a reference to Eusapia Palladino, a Victorian-era medium. In the 1940s, there was a well-known subject of the Soal-Goldney investigations.

Finally, Elizabeth Olsen’s other research assistant is named Sally. Sally Morgan is a well-known British psychic who continues to elicit responses to this day.

While there appear to be various allusions to real persons and events, there is no Margaret, Tom Buckley, or Simon Silver. Numerous snake oil marketers continue to prey on desperate people seeking answers and assistance. There has never been conclusive evidence for the existence of genuine paranormal or extrasensory talents.

This forgotten classic is deserving of a second look. Red Lights is presently available for free streaming on IMDb and Tubi, as well as everywhere else that rents or purchases movies.

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Where To Watch Red Lights Movie 

Red Lights is available to rent or purchase on Google Play, iTunes, and Vudu. Red Lights is available for free streaming via Plex or Pluto.


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