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Raising Dion Season 3 Release Date on Netflix: Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Raising Dion returned for a second season in February 2022, after what seemed like an eternity on the small screen. While Raising Dion season 3 is almost certainly in the works in terms of where the story will go, it remains to be seen whether Netflix will decide to renew the show for a third season. Here’s everything we know so far about the situation.

Raising Dion is produced by Outlier Society, which is run by Michael B. Jordan and has a multi-film deal with Amazon Studios that will be completed in early 2021.

Even though the series premiered on Netflix in October of 2019, we had been waiting for the return of Raising Dion for more than two years by the time the premiere date of February 1st, 2022 came around.

So, what do we know about the possibility of a third season on the way? Consider what we can expect from the show and how well it has performed thus far.

Raising Dion Season 3 Release Date on Netflix

  • Official Renewal Status: The Raising Dion Season 3 has not been renewed.
  • Our Prediction for Renewal: 50/50.

Because there has been no announcement of the renewal, the show’s fate will be determined primarily by how well the new series performs on Netflix. If the series is renewed for a second season, we should find out about its future sometime this spring, based on the previous season’s renewal.

On the other hand, we should mention that the social media accounts for Raising Dion have been defunct since the first day of February. The fact that they have such a small following isn’t necessarily indicative of anything, but it is worth noting nonetheless.

Raising Dion Season 3 Cast

After all, the Triangle of Justice, comprised of Dion Warren (Ja’Siah Young), his best friend Jonathan King (Gavin Munn), and his sister Esperanza (Sammi Haney), was still going strong at the time of the Season 2 finale, so we can expect the trio to be back if Netflix decides to renew the show for a third season.

Despite the fact that Nicole (Alisha Wainwright), who was infected by strange flowers near the sinkhole in Season 2, survived, it is likely that she will return in the upcoming third season.

Crooked Pat (Jason Ritter), the show’s villain, may also make a return in Season 3, possibly alongside David Marsh (Josh Ventura).

Tevin Wakefield (Rome Flynn), Dion’s powered coach who trained Nicole’s son at the research facility Biona, is expected to return, along with other potential returning cast members, including Suzanne Wu (Ali Ahn), Janelle Carr (Aubriana Davis), and Aunty Kat (Aubriana Davis), according to reports (Jazmyn Simon)

As of right now, Netflix has not confirmed Season 3, so we will have to wait before learning more about the possible return of these actors, as well as any newcomers.

Raising Dion Season 3 Plot

Season 2 of Raising Dion ended with less of a cliffhanger than Season 1 of the series. The post-credits scene teases an upcoming confrontation between Dion and Pat in the future, so it’s likely that Season 3 will build up to that confrontation between the two characters.

It’s likely that Dion will be able to master controlling his powers, and that Pat will be able to do the same. Some fans are also hoping for the return of Michael B. Jordan’s Mark Warren, Nicole’s deceased husband and scientist who was given superpowers by the aurora event in Iceland, who was played by Michael B. Jordan. Nicole and Tevin, on the other hand, are a likable couple. She appears to be healing as he brings a sense of lightness to her otherwise stressful existence. What will be the ramifications of Mark’s return?

Raising Dion Season 3 Plot
Raising Dion Season 3 Plot

Tevin will most likely continue to serve as Dion’s superhero trainer in the near future. Brayden’s story has a lot of potential for development in the coming years. He appears to have escaped the darkness, but he had been there all along. What methods will he employ in the future to manipulate people’s minds? Will he form a partnership with Dion in Season 3?

Kat’s most recent position at Biona, in the science department, is a strong indication that the research facility isn’t going to be shut down anytime soon. Season 3 may see the return of the facility train, which means that we may see the introduction of new superheroes and villains.

Dion and Nicole were able to seal the effects of the flower at the sinkhole, but it is inevitable that the energy of the Crooked Man’s energy will be transferred to another person. In the end, Raising Dion Season 3 will most likely focus on Dion’s transition into pre-adolescent and adolescent years.

We see Pat, now dressed in garb reminiscent of Marvel’s Doctor Doom, marching towards Atlanta at the head of his army in the post-credits scene, which suggests that the series is set up for a time travel story

in Season 3. In the form of a flying man who appears out of nowhere and introduces himself as Mind Mover, he confronts him (the superhero alias chosen by Dion). If the show is renewed, this will be the adult Dion (played by Chris June), and it appears that there will be a time jump in Season 3 if it is renewed.

You can watch the Raising Dion Season 2 post-credits scene here: Raising Dion Season 2 Post-Credits Scene.

If Netflix decides to renew the show for a third season, we might get to see more of the future, which suggests that time travel will be involved.

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Raising Dion Season 3 Trailer

Because Netflix has not yet renewed Raising Dion for a third season, there will be no trailers for Season 3 released any time soon. Meanwhile, you can watch this trailer for Raising Dion Season 2 to be reminded of how action-packed the most recent episodes of the show have been:

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