Queen Sugar Season 7 Confirmed: Scheduled Release Date Status, Cast Updates, and News

queen sugar season 7
queen sugar season 7

OWN announced in November 2021, ahead of the season six finale, that Queen Sugar would return for its seventh—and final—season in 2022. Since its debut, the series has been praised for its richly drawn characters and for tackling timely issues ranging from racism to the Covid-19 pandemic (and their intersection). Similarly, Queen Sugar made headlines for its all-female cast of directors, many of whom launched their careers as a result of the show.

In an official statement, creator Ava DuVernay reflected on the series’ conclusion. “There is a time for everything.” “And my producing partner Paul Garnes and I have had seven gorgeous seasons making Queen Sugar with a phenomenal cast and crew, alongside our partners at OWN and Warner Bros.

Television,” DuVernay said. “Writing and producing seven seasons of a modern drama centered on a Black family is a radical act in our industry and a triumph that far exceeds any hope I had.” Now I am convinced that the story, which began with an Oprah suggestion, is ready for its sunset as a fully realized dream. Queen Sugar has been one of the true joys of my career, and my thanks are boundless.”

Queen Sugar Season 7 Release Date

Queen Sugar will return in 2022, but no specific date has been announced. Queen Sugar’s writing room, according to OWN, has made progress on the scripts, and production will begin in 2022.

Where To Watch Previous Seasons Of Queen Sugar 

Hulu currently has seasons one through five available. Season six is not yet available on Netflix, but it can be purchased. After you’ve finished watching, read Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile.

The entire cast is anticipated to reprise their roles

queen sugar season 7 cast
queen sugar season 7 cast

The show’s entire ensemble cast is expected to reunite once more. The cast includes Rutina Wesley as Nova Bordelon, Dawn-Lyen Gardner as Charlotte “Charley” Bordelon West, Nicholas L. Ashe as Micah West, Bianca Lawson as Darla Sutton, Tina Lifford as Violet Bordelon, Omar J. Dorsey as Hollywood Desonier, Henry G. Sanders as Prosper Denton, and Timon Kyle Durrett as Timon Kyle Durrett (Davis West).

Ethan Hutchinson, who plays Ralph Angel and Darla’s son, Blue, will return in Season 7 after his character’s trip to Washington, D.C. And because Ralph Angel and Darla had a daughter in the finale, his life is changing yet again.

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Ava DuVernay already knows how it’s going to end

Ava DuVernay is still thinking about the final scene of Queen Sugar. “I didn’t think about how to get to the end; I just know what it will be.” “I’m excited about where it’s all going,” DuVernay told Deadline. “The adventure will be taking steps to get to the conclusion of the voyage as we start writing more.”
Hopefully, the story will end happily. “Black joy looks beautiful on this family,” Lifford said of the season six finale and its implications for season seven. In the finale, the Bordelon siblings expanded their families, with Ralph Angel and Darla welcoming a child, Davis, and Charley agreeing to remarry and relocate to Los Angeles, and Nova and Dominic marrying. “This can’t and won’t always be perfect, but it’s a start.”

The Plot

The series, based on an eponymous novel, immerses viewers in the everyday lives of African-Americans. It addresses significant racial issues as well as issues such as culture and gender. Another intriguing aspect of the production is the purely female direction and predominantly black cast. The series was praised for its distinct approach. According to the plot, the Bordelons are three siblings, two sisters and a brother, who own an 800-acre sugarcane farm. They must relocate to the Louisiana countryside from various parts of the United States in order to live together and run that “business.” In fact, the entire series is pervaded by an atmosphere of Afro-American survival in a society that denies them equal rights.

Queen Sugar Season 7 Official Trailer

For now, there’s no trailer for Season 7.

But you can watch Season 6 trailer here:

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