Quanzhi Fashi Season 6: When Will The Anime Return To Release?


Many critics who watched the presented Chinese anime noted that the authors lured the audience. Each chapter ends at the most exciting point, making the audience worry about the upcoming story. It happened for the last time. Now everyone wants to know when Quanzhi Fashi season 6 will be released. Fortunately for connoisseurs of the genre, the announcement has already sounded.

Quanzhi Fashi Season 6 Release Date

A Chinese story about a loser who is the first in his business will receive the sixth chapter. The premiere release date for season 6 of Quanzhi Fashi will be sometime near July 2022. Recall that in August 2021, the anime creators announced the renewal of the project for the sixth season. Fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of fresh episodes. It is impossible to get acquainted with this project on TV since the work is broadcast only on various Internet resources. The anime received universal recognition from millions of viewers.

What Is The Plot?

The main events in the anime revolve around high school student Mo Fan. Born into a low-income family, he is forced to constantly think about the day and take care of his sister. The guy was never an outstanding student and did not set an example for others, but his life changed dramatically one day. After his awakening, the young man, as usual, went to school.

He soon learned that magic now rules the world. Students discover not only common subjects but also unique supernatural abilities. Previously, Mo Fan could not boast of impressive results, but suddenly, he could control two elements at once – fire and lightning. The rest of the people will have to put up with the ability to control only one opportunity. Meanwhile, the young man becomes the most powerful wizard. The most influential groups want to cooperate with him, and some individuals want to remove the newly minted sorcerer from the road.

The 2016 adaptation of the Chinese manga has become a favorite with fans of the genre since the premiere of the first part. The anime raises essential issues such as the social ladder, self-sacrifice, and the willingness of parents to do many things for the sake of their children. Some critics were unhappy with the project due to the eternal struggle of the key character with monsters, but others dream of knowing if Quanzhi Fashi returns for season 6. For loyal viewers, a new season of the anime was announced.


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