Pregnant Sophia Grace Reveals Unique Look Into Her Relationship With Her Private Boyfriend

Not Everyone Wants to Play a Leading Role in Sophia Grace’s Journey to Parenthood.

The child star-turned-YouTuber surprised her followers on October 22 by announcing she was pregnant and expecting her first child. And, while the 19-year-old was delighted to share the news with her 3.4 million subscribers, she is more hesitant to reveal anything about her longtime boyfriend—her co-parenting partner.

Because I’ve Always Been In The Spotlight, I Feel Like I Want Something Just To Keep To Myself, “Sophia Grace explained to E! News in an exclusive interview. “Just something I can keep private and just enjoy myself without having to share it with everyone.”

That’s not to say she won’t change her status from private to public in the future. “I’d be delighted to share him, and I’d be delighted for him to appear in my videos,” she explained. “But I think we could do it if he’s confident enough to be in them.”

But, for the time being, Sophia Grace and her mystery boyfriend of over two years are celebrating privately.

“I just shared it right away because it’s really a part of both of us,” the fashion designer explained of finding out she was expecting. “We both have equal responsibilities in this situation. I owed it to him to tell him right away.

His reaction, fortunately, hit all the right notes.

“From the beginning, we were both overjoyed,” she said. Obviously, he was both surprised and overwhelmed at first because he is young. But now that we’ve gotten used to it, we’re both ecstatic. “

While Sophia Grace remained tight-lipped about how she met her special someone, she did reveal that they did not meet at school. Instead, they were brought together by friends. “I live in a small town,” she explained. “So You Can Get The General Idea.”

And, while she doesn’t want to reveal too much about her love life, Sophia Grace has no doubt that her boyfriend will excel at fatherhood.

“I’m sure he’ll be a fantastic father,” she said. “I believe we met when we were both quite young. We’ve Really Grown Up Together… It Will Definitely Change Us Into Proper Adults, And Then We Can Grow Up Together And Have A Family. “

Sophia Grace promises to keep fans updated on her motherhood journey online until diapers need to be changed and lullabies are played in the nursery.

Sophia Grace isn’t going to cover Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” with her cousin Rosie McClelland. Instead, she plans to post more updates about her pregnancy every Saturday on her YouTube channel.

“It’s Definitely Going To Open A New Chapter Of Video,” she teased. But I’d never say I’m giving up music completely, even now that I’m going to be a mother, because I adore music and it’s one of my greatest passions.”

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