Persuasive Essay Outline: Writing Tips for Students

Writing a persuasive essay might seem challenging at the beginning. You have to convince the reader and the audience that your opinion is the right one, so maybe you might not trust your persuasive skills enough to do this. Even though writing essays and working on assignments come with challenges and difficulties at times, it is these that help you expand your view and boost your skills. An essay writer online can help you write your paper, make suggestions, and offer feedback.

However, it is you who has to choose the topic, research, make an outline, and write a compelling and powerful essay. The outline of every paper is essential as it is the one that gives structure to your paper. As a student, you might feel defeated and overwhelmed by all the tasks you have to complete. About all the essay types you need to learn about. So, here are some writing tips for students who want to write an incredible persuasive essay. Wondering how to make an outline that will help you write a smooth and logical essay that will convince the reader of your opinion? Then continue reading to find out more about it.

Choose Your Position

Chances are that your teacher gave you a theme you need to think about. You need to pick one of the sides and argue in its favor. It is essential to know this before you actually start working on your essay. It is the first step you need to make to create a powerful persuasive essay. Choosing your position is essential as it enables you to know what to research. This will also help you understand the perspective of your reader and relate to it. The way you write your persuasive essay, and the way you present your opinions and back them up with arguments are essential and crucial. Choosing your position will give you an insight into all these.

Research and Take Notes

After you have chosen your position, you can start your research. You will come across a lot of sources online. So, to avoid plagiarism it is essential to take notes of all the ideas you find interesting and relevant to your topic. Note down the sources too, as this will help you cite them accordingly. Taking notes and having some ideas to start with will help you create a nice outline and, in the end, a powerful persuasive essay.

Create an Outline

Creating an outline for a persuasive essay could seem like a challenging task, but it is easier than you imagine. It is essential to keep in mind that the outline helps you organize your ideas coherently and logically. But is there any difference between the outline of a persuasive essay and one of the other essays? Well, it might be.


As with any other type of paper, your essay should have an introduction. Here you should briefly present your topic and points of view. The introduction is also the essay part where you should introduce a thesis statement which means you should simply and clearly state your position on the topic or theme approached.

The introduction is the first thing your reader and audience will read, so you need to hook them. Creating a hook can seem complicated, but there are a few tips and tricks you could apply. For example, you could present a fact that is known as false but is true or vice versa. You could present a fact that intrigues the audience so that they want to continue reading. The introduction should not be long, so make sure you do not share everything from the beginning.

The Body

The body of your persuasive essay is an essential part as here is where you will express your opinions and points of view, but the arguments that support them too. If you have stated your arguments in the introduction, the body is the part where you should expand them.

Organize each argument in a separate paragraph so that you will give structure and logic to your persuasive essay. It is essential to present specific examples, data, and facts that support your point of view and relieve your arguments. Three strong arguments should be enough, but this depends on your essay requirements. Do not forget that you should have a transition sentence to make your persuasive essay smoother.

The Conclusion

The conclusion of your persuasive essay is crucial. It is the last thing your audience will read, so they need to remain with a general idea about your topic and arguments. So, here you should restate your thesis statement and briefly mention your arguments. Using different words is important so that readers will not feel they read the same thing over again. A closing statement should be included here too. If you can link it with the introduction, that will be awesome as it will give structure to your essay.

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