Penguin: The Batman Spin-Off Announced! Release Date Status? Streaming? Details Inside

Penguin: The Batman Spin-Off Announced! Release Date Status? Streaming? Details Inside

HBO Max is working on a spin-off TV series of The Batman focused on Penguin. After announcing the making of a Batman TV series, a prequel to Matt Reeves’ film, we learned through The Hollywood Reporter that HBO Max intends to produce another show related to the film. The project is still in its infancy, and to date, it is not sure if it will happen. We are talking about a spin-off on Penguin.

Penguin: What Do We Know About The TV Series?

The character, whose real name is Oswald Cobblepot, is also present in the Batman film to be released on March 4, 2022, in which Colin Farrell takes on the role. According to the newspaper, the actor had been proposed to reprise the role also in this potential TV series. However, by September, when the news broke, no agreement had been reached. THR tried to contact HBO Max, who had preferred not to make any statements on the matter.

Three months later, confirmation of the actor’s participation in the role of Penguin arrived. Both Matt Reeves and Dylan Clark, directors and producers of the film, and Colin Farrell himself, would appear among the executive producers. At the same time, Lauren LeFranc ( Agents of SHIELD ) would handle the screenplay. The plot details of The Batman’s Penguin spin-off TV series are still minimal. All we know is that the story is supposed to follow Cobblepot’s rise in Gotham City crime.

Should the project, in the hands of Warner Bros. TV and DC Entertainment, be officially confirmed, it would add to a host of other new DC titles, including, in addition to the aforementioned Batman prequel series, Green Lantern and Peacemaker. 

Penguin: Do We Have A Release Date?

You will agree with us that talking about a release date for The Batman spin-off TV series about Penguin is impossible. HBO Max has yet to decide whether to move the show to the next step. We will follow all the developments, and as soon as we have news of any kind, we will communicate them to you.

Penguin: Where Will The Batman Spin-Off Release?

If the show were to go into production officially, the episodes would land on the Warner Bros service, HBO Max, whose launch in the United States dates back to May 2020. Since the platform is not present all around the globe, we cannot tell you where it will be possible to see the spin-off on Penguin. It will be an original HBO Max series.

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