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Ozark Season 4 Part 2 Ending Explained: What Happens To Ruth At The End Of Ozark?

There are dramatic deaths at the end of Ozark season 4 part 2. A new political family and  Promising as well as an exciting new chapter for the cartel.

It’s the end of Ozark season 4. The Byrdes finally get what they want, but three major characters die in the process.

Creators of Ozark have said in the past that Ozark season 4 part 2, which will be on Netflix in April 2022, is the true end of the show. The last scene of Ozark season 4, episode 14 “A Hard Way to Go” isn’t closed.

In the last episode of Ozark, Wendy and Marty Byrde finally get money for the Byrde Family Foundation, which makes them “bulletproof.”

Even though Camila Elizondro gets Clare Shaw to say that Ruth killed Javi, Byrdes let Camila kill Ruth.

The sister of Omar Navarro, Camila, has also taken him out of the picture. However, another problem comes up in the form of private investigator Mel Sattem, who Jonah kills before the movie ends.

Ozark’s ending, as expected, has a lot of surprising twists. Marty and Wendy let a drug lord who is even more dangerous and clever than Omar rise to power, which makes it clear that the Byrdes are Ozark’s real bad guys. People who watch Ozark season 4 need to know about the ending.

Ozark Season 4 Part 2 Ending Explained

Waring *Spoilers* Ahead

Is Mel Sattem killed at the end of Ozark Season 4?

It appears safe to believe that Jonah Byrde did really murder Mel Sattem.

We believed we’d seen the last of Mel Sattem when Marty and Wendy used their connections and large pockets to reintroduce him to the Chicago Police Department in order to prevent him from testifying against them in family court. Mel’s conscience, on the other hand, compelled him to return to the Ozarks, goat biscuit jar in hand, where he confronted the Bydres about Ben’s death.

Marty and Wendy proposed repaying him, but Mel was uninterested.

“You are not entitled to victory,” he stated. “You do not inherit the Koch or Kennedy fortunes.”

However, Jonah primed a shotgun and pointed it directly at him before he could continue. Mel remained silent, slowly raising his free hand as Marty, Wendy, and Charlotte witnessed the tense moment calmly.

Suddenly, a shot rang out, but we had no idea what had occurred. Is Jonah guilty of Mel’s murder? Or was it merely an ominous threat? Is Byrde’s eldest son truly capable of such an act?

We’ve already seen Jonah use a handgun – he aimed a rifle at Helen on one occasion and fired bullets at the windows in their home on another – so his actions in the finale are unsurprising. However, does he possess the capacity to kill?

Marty and Wendy’s faces were flushed with pride, in stark contrast to their previous parenting methods. However, given Mel’s refusal to back down, this appears to be the only option – and what is one more insignificant death if it means preserving their liberty?

Explanation of Every Death In The Ozark Series Finale

Wendy, Marty, and Camila staged Omar Navarro’s death while trying to escape from a jail cell, allowing Camila to rise to the top of the Navarro cartel while also dispelling any suspicion that she murdered her own brother.

Meanwhile, Ruth Langmore died as the last sacrificial lamb for the Byrdes in order for them to finally get what they want, indicating that while the Byrdes have found a way out of the game, they have also emerged as the game’s most dangerous characters. Mel Sattem, on the other hand, died simply because he got as well close to the truth – Ozark’s twisted homage to the classic detective story.

Omar’s demise establishes that he is not the true antagonist, Ruth’s demise establishes that Ozark’s true antagonists are the Byrdes, and Mel’s murder plants a new seed for other investigators to pursue, implying that the story is not over.

What happens to Ruth at the end of Ozark?

Despite the fact that Ruth is one of the most enterprising and redeemable characters on the program, her inability to move on from her family background, the deaths of Ben and Wyatt, and the environment in which she lived led her to make some extremely poor choices, which ultimately led to her death.

At the end of Ozark, what does the future hold for the Byrdes?

After successfully completing their part of the bargain with the cartel and the FBI, the Byrdes appear to be free to better their lives (although there is no promise that the powers it just be or Camila and co won’t come calling one day), relocating to Chicago, where Wendy will try to maintain the foundation with Marty’s assistance.

After scrabbling around in the dirt for most of season 4, they now have access to all of the funds and donations necessary to carry out their grandiose plans.

Charlotte’s relationship with her mother has improved temporarily, but it is unclear if she would continue working alongside her at the family organization or forge her own path.

Jonah, who has developed into a full-fledged money launderer himself (as his father did), appeared to be eager to take a break from his criminal activities and go “legit” for a bit. However, whether he will be able to resist the excitement and the substantial financial rewards that overwhelm the average 15-year-pocket old’s money remains to be seen.

However, for the first time in a long time, it is evident that the Byrdes are a family, bound together by their common trauma.

It appears as though old scars do heal — yet, as FBI agent Maya Miller said, “If you succeed, God will still know.”

Julia Garner, speaking to Time about the Byrdes’ demise, stated: “I do not believe the Byrdes are winning, even if they believe they are. I believe they are deceiving themselves. They may have won a battle, but not the war. When your hands become that filthy, they will never be clean again.”

Will There Be A Fifth Season Of Ozark Or A Spin-Off?

As of press time, neither Ozark season 5 nor any new spin-off series set in the show’s dark universe had been announced. Indeed, this could be the final chapter in the invasive Byrde family’s history in Ozark.

Indeed, the makers have stated that Ozark season 4 will conclude the series in 2020. There will be no Ozark season 5 for the foreseeable future.

However, given the conclusion, there is more than enough material for not only another season but also a future spin-off series.

Given that the facts surrounding Omar, Ruth, and Mel’s deaths may lead any competent investigator directly to the Byrdes and the Navarro cartel, Wendy and Marty’s bulletproof status may not be so bulletproof after all.

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