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Ozark Season 4 Episode 8: When Will It Release? Official Release Date Updates

Ozark has been one of the most popular dramas on Netflix over these years. The show has grasped an immense fan base of its own, and is currently moving towards its ending. Viewers still remember how showrunner Chris Mundy promised the audience five seasons of the show. Later, the producer expressed his regrets related to the earlier closure of the show. He assured the audience that he would bring the crime drama to its logical and “great” conclusion. Today, the release date for 2022 Episode 8 of Ozark Season 4 has been announced, and fans are left to see the most interesting.  The first part of Ozark Season 4 was released earlier this month, and since its premiere fans have been looking forward to updates on the final part of the show. 


Ozark Season 4: When Will Episode 8 Release On Netflix?

Will Martin repeat the fate of Walter from Breaking Bad? And for whom a dangerous game will end with a sad end? Now fans of the show dream of only one thing, to see the final episodes. The official release date of the 8th episode of the 4th season of Ozark has not been revealed so far. During a conversation Jason Bateman stated that the show will return ‘soon.’ As per the reports the second part of Ozark Season 4 could be released anytime between June 2022 and December 2022. Finally, loyal fans of the series will be able to find out how the story of the Bird family will end.


Initially, showrunner Chris Mundy promised the audience five seasons of the show, but later the authors decided to stop at the fourth season, which was not released immediately. That is why the release date of episode 8 of “Ozark” season 4 has been waiting for so long. In his defense, the producer emphasized that Netflix respects the position of the creators, so it offered to shoot a long final season and divide it in half.

Ozark Season 4: What Is The Plot Of The Final Episodes?

It all started with the agreement of financial consultant Martin Byrd to work for a Mexican drug cartel. There was no choice, because the lives of loved ones were at stake. Having left for a quiet and remote place with his household, Bird began to carefully launder money.

A lot of time has passed since then, and today the famous family continues to risk everything. At the end of the third chapter, Martin has really pissed off dangerous people, but he has a chance to get out of the situation. Meanwhile, his wife Wendy is on the move, taking a significant share of the power into her hands. Step by step she goes down the slippery path.

Many critics who are looking forward to the release of the 8th episode of the Ozark season 4 have no doubt that some of the main characters of the story will face the biggest retribution for past deeds. However, the writers continue to intrigue, giving the audience very little food for further thought.

For a long time, fans of the famous Breaking Bad saga were worried that they would not be able to find a “replacement” for their favorite project. An excellent way out of the problem was a new picture about a family that got into the epicenter of dangerous events and challenged the Mexican cartel. True, many fans are sure that Marty Byrd will end his days like Walter White.

The show stars Jason Bateman as Marty, Laura Linney as Wendy, Julia Garner as Ruth, Alfonso Herrera as Xavi, Michael Mosley as Pastor Young, and Helen Pierce as Janet McTeer.

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