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Outer Range Episode 7,8 Release Date And Time, Synopsis, Promo And More

“Season 1, Episode 7 of Outer Range.” With their fifth and sixth episodes, the ‘Outer Range’ continues to expand into the mysteries of the black void, adding to the Abbott family’s problems.

Royal attempts to reveal the real nature of the stone within the Autumn necklace in episode 5, titled ‘The Soil,’ after recovering from Wayne’s attack. Wayne, on the other hand, suffers a stroke, effectively shutting down Tillerson’s business.

In the sixth episode, dubbed ‘The Family,’ the Abbottis are defeated due to their inability to keep secrets. Finally, Autumn meets an incredible partner just as Abbott’s plans begin to unravel. Now that you are aware of Outer Range Season 1 Episodes 7 & 8.

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Outer Range Episode 7 & 8 Release Date And Time

Outer Range is an American Science Fiction Neo Western Mystery Thriller Streaming Television Series that premiered on April 15, 2022. This series gained so much popularity within the first few episodes of its premiere that it has been renewed for a new season. Yes! Outer Range Season 1 has finally premiered, and a few episodes have already aired. Outer Range Season 1 Episodes 7 and 8 are scheduled to release on May 6, 2022.

episodes Name Dates
1 The Void  Apr 15, 2022
2 The Land  Apr 15, 2022
3 The Time  Apr 22, 2022
4 The Loss  Apr 22, 2022
5 The Soil  Apr 29, 2022
6 The Family  Apr 29, 2022

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Outer Range Episode 6 Recap: Ending

In the sixth episode, Royal drives to the Pit and finds Autumn there. He offered to drive her back to her camp, but Royal had other plans, prompted by the visions he had at the end of “Outer Range” Episode 5.

Royal tried to scare Autumn off his bike by speeding it up, and she fell off, injuring her leg. She requested her jewellery back from him while laying on the ground, and when Royal revealed he had crushed it, she cried. A frustrated Royal screamed angrily at her to stop talking about time travel and black minerals. He left Autumn in the middle of nowhere and drove to her camp and burned it down.

The next morning, Royal showed up at church for some reason, prompting Cecilia to recollect Autumn’s warning about Royal’s unusual behaviour. Cecilia was definitely losing faith after how Joy and her companion were treated within the church. She couldn’t see Royal take the Lord’s Supper and ran out of the church.

Autumn, walking with an injured foot towards her tent, ran upon a bear in the woods, who was possibly the parent of the dead young bear Cecilia found near the home in “Outer Range,” Episode 5. The bear approached Autumn but did not attack. Instead, she heard voices and said, “yellow.”

Autumn reminded the Royal at the end of “Outer Range,” Episode 2, that the colour yellow represented power. The show didn’t explain the colour’s meaning, but it inspired Autumn to avenge Royal Abbott. She came across Billy Tillerson hunting in the woods and wanted to show him the strange Pit.

Except for Wayne, no one knew about the Pit until Autumn intervened, and now Billy knew why his father wanted to buy the west portion of Abbott’s property. He even told Wayne, who was bedridden and unable to speak or move due to his stroke.

In one scene, county assessor Kare P. Cleaver lost control of his car after spotting a bison on the road. But, when the screen quickly went out, it was assumed that the strange bison (from before) had reappeared to influence the lives of those around him.

Autumn arrived at her camp to find it already burned. Her main concern was that she had lost her lamotrigine medication in the fire and had to go to a pharmacy to retrieve it or an alternative.

Outer Range Episode 6 Recap
Outer Range Episode 6 Recap

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She wanted money from her trust fund manager (as she told Royal) to buy new meds and a motel room for the night. With a pocket knife, she etched an esoteric symbol that resembled the Abbott family brand below her neck.

She was progressively turning into a psychopath, seeking vengeance on her opponent, and so she told Perry about his father trying to kill her and perhaps murdering Trevor.

Perry, who had discovered Trevor’s murder, tried to intervene, but Autumn was out of control. She threatened him with going to the Sheriff and revealing how Royal tried to dispose of the body, if he didn’t she would.

Perry realised things had spiralled out of control and he couldn’t hide the truth any longer, or his family would pay the price. He chose to confess and left a note at the Sheriff’s office, subsequently informing his family when he came home that night.

The discoveries sparked a fight between the brothers. Rhett lost it and attacked Perry, believing that Perry wouldn’t die alone, since Rhett and Royal helped him bury Trevor’s body, and that his selfish action would harm the entire family.

In the end, Perry disclosed that Autumn was going to tell the Sheriff that Royal tried to dispose of Trevor’s body and that’s why he admitted his crimes to rescue his father, according to Perry. However, he lost control and attacked Perry, smashing glass from the shelf that hit Amy’s forehead, inflicting her with blood. It was Joy who was coming to arrest Perry when she fled out of the house.

Where To Watch Outer Range Episodes 7 & 8

Viewers from all over the world will be able to watch Outer Range season 1, episodes 7 and 8 on Amazon Prime Video on the date specified above.

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