Oddballs: Confirmed Release Date, Plot & Cast Revealed!

oddballs release date
oddballs release date

Come see the amusing animated program called Oddballs. We’ll examine the Oddballs Netflix release date in this article along with all the other data we’ve acquired. A well-known YouTuber is creating a new animated series that will be added to Netflix, according to the company’s announcement. I got the concept from Rallison’s YouTube channel.

Together with Michael Zoumas and Carl Faruolo, they also serve as executive producers. Nearly 17 million people subscribe to James Rallison’s YouTube account.

Videos on the channel about topics including school, social media, and online games are both live-action and animated. Rallison bases the majority of his cartoons on events that affect him and his pals. His films appeal to many individuals since they are funny and reflect their worldview.

Oddballs Release Date and Time

On October 7, 2022, the series will debut. Netflix Animation and Atomic Cartoons will produce it.

Netflix will stream the upcoming animated comedy TV series Oddballs. James Rallison and TV writer Ethan Banville created it. Rallison’s YouTube channel TheOdd1sOut serves as the basis for the program.

Series Oddballs
Creators Ethan Banville
James Rallison
Stars Julian Gant
James Rallison
Gary Anthony Williams
Genres Animation
Based on TheOdd1sOut
Country of origin United States
Language English
Production companies Atomic Cartoons
TheOdd1sOut Studios
Distributor Netflix
Release Date October 7, 2022

Oddballs Plot

James, a young boy with a bubble shape, is followed by oddballs. His observations on life inspire his hilarious rants at minor irritations, which he takes to embarrassingly insane levels. James frequently has disastrous plans to challenge social standards, and his closest pals Max (a talking crocodile) and Echo (a young woman who claims to be from the future) are always there to help.

James, a young person with a bubble form who lives in the little town of Dirt, has perspectives on life that inspire his humorous rants at everyday irritations and elevate them to “laughably” absurd levels. James’ crazy schemes to challenge norms frequently end in tragedy, forcing them to learn life’s lessons…in an unusual way. He does this with the help of his best friends Max, a talking crocodile, and Echo, a girl who says she is from the future.

Our selection of the top 50 independently produced animated short films on YouTube for 2021 included TheOdd1sOut 14 times, making up more than 25% of the list.

When the series was first announced, Rallison said that the entire production had been carried out while under lockdown. When it came to writing, storyboarding, designing, and voice acting, there was very little to no human involvement. I haven’t done any office job yet. I just want to say something like, “Hey, did you see the game last night?” while leaning on a water cooler. Is that too much to ask?

Oddballs Cast

James Rallison, an inventor, producer, and YouTube sensation, will play the lead role in Oddballs. The actor that plays Max is Julian Gant. His major break came when Gant recently played Carter in the FOX comedy Call Me Kat. Additionally, he appeared in two earlier Prank Encounters Netflix Originals as well as one episode of Fuller House.

Since the 1990s, Kimberly Brooks, a voice actress of exceptional talent, has lent her voice to a variety of animated characters in television shows, motion movies, and video games. She performs the voices of Batgirl, also known as Barbara Gordon, in the DC video games and Alura in the Voltron: Legendary Defender Netflix original series. In Oddballs, Brooks plays the part of Echo. The following cast members from Oddballs are mentioned:

  • A fictionalized version of James Rallison. The boy in the bubble has strange experiences and frequently grouses about toasters, prizes, and people cutting in line.
  • Julian Gant portrays Max, an anthropomorphic crocodile who is James’ roommate and best friend. Max previously appeared in James and Boywithaband’s music video for the song “Life is Fun.”
  • Kimberly Brooks portrays Echo, an adolescent time-traveling African-American from the future who likes to eat.
  • Gary Anthony Williams plays the part of Mr. McFly.
  • Carl Faruolo plays the role of Stuart.

Oddballs Trailer

James, a bubble-shaped boy, likes to question everything that annoys him. He encounters several odd adventures and learns different life lessons with his best friends, Max, the talking crocodile, and Echo, the girl who claims to be from the future.

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