No Comeback In Ricky’s Future In Virgin River’s Season 5: Everything You Need Know!

Virgin River's Season 5

Sarah Dugdale, who is well-known and adored for playing Ricky’s prior love interest Lizzie in Virgin River, spoke candidly about the show’s future and offered a hint that new characters might be introduced to explore Lizzie’s backstory.

Fans will be aware that Lizzie traveled from the city to the Virgin River to live with her aunt Connie (Nicola Cavendish), but nothing is known about her close relatives back home. The actress added, “I would love to understand more about her parents and discover more about why she is the way she is.

There’s a reason why she arrived with all this baggage and this chip on her shoulder, so maybe one of them comes to town and she gets to talk about that relationship she has with them more.

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Ricky joined the military but won’t be going back to Virgin River.

“I believe it would be nice to show the audiences why she is like that, peel back the curtain a little,” she continued to the Express. Meanwhile, it appears that Ricky and Lizzie’s romance is over when Ricky departed Virgin River to join the military.

When asked about the character’s potential in the program, Grayson, 21, said: “I don’t think it implies he won’t return at all because I won’t be returning for season five. He has this somewhat significant part in the books, so I think these things will…depending on how they play out.”

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The history of Lizzie’s family is not well known.

On social media, fans responded quickly to Ricky’s departure. Prediction: Ricky will return from basic training an extremely ripped marine, and Lizzie will be all over it, tweeted one watcher about Ricky’s appearance.

One person expressed concern for his safety while out of the community, saying, “Swear to god, if anything happens to Ricky on #VirginRiver I am coming for those writers.”


Is Ricky a part of Virgin River season five?

Folks, you heard correctly. Season 5 is now in the development phase! (Fans immediately pointed out that Grayson Gurney’s character Ricky, who joined the Marines at the end of the fourth season, was present at the table read.)

Who is the father of Virgin River, Mel’s child?

Who is Mel’s baby’s father in Virgin River? Fans of Season 4 must wait until the season’s conclusion to learn the truth: Jack is definitely the father of Mel’s child, and the two are having a girl.

Will Virgin River have additional seasons?

Will Virgin River have a fifth season? Simply said, yes. The show was not only given the go-ahead at the same time as season 4, but production has already begun. Martin Henderson shared a picture from the set on Instagram, and based on the message, it appears like he is prepared to return to Jack’s world.

How does Ricky fare in Virgin River?

Yes, Ricky makes the decision to continue with his enlistment and spends a significant amount of the season coming to terms with it as he gets ready to report to camp.