My Happy Marriage Anime Release Date Status, Cast, Plot & Everything We Know So Far


A popular Japanese manga series, My Happy Marriage, was written and illustrated by Akumi Agitogi and Rito Kohsaka. When Miyo Saimori was born in a world where people are given odd talents that vary based on their bloodline, she became the manga’s main heroine. Although she was born into a well-known family, Miyo has no magical talents, and her own family has rejected her because of it. Everyone, including her half-sister, treats Miyo as if she were a servant. In the end, Kiyoka Kudo sends Miyo to the Kudo house to be a bridesmaid.

Almost everyone in town considers the Kudos as a cruel and heartless family, but one that is also very wealthy and influential. Miyo, on the other hand, is surprised to discover a place in the family, but she has a difficult time with it.

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My Happy Marriage Anime Expected Release Date

On 5th April 2022, the Twitter Page of My Happy Marriage Anime informed fans about the anime’s first season. The tweet made it abundantly clear that the show is already in production. Though the creators have not disclosed an official release date, we anticipate a 2022 release. As this is a project known for its beautiful storyline, the creators are overjoyed to bring the fans a happy series.

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The Cast of My Happy Marriage:

Shoko Yasuda will design the characters and Evan Call will compose the music for the film, which will be directed by Takehiro Kubota. Takehiro Kubota will also direct the film.

The rest of the anime’s cast and crew are as follows:

  • Takao Abo is a Japanese actor (Supervision and storyboards)
  • Ami Sato is a Japanese actress (Scriptwriter)
  • Takahito Onishi is a Japanese actor and director (Scriptwriter)
  •  Momoka Toyoda (Scriptwriter)


Miyo Saimori played the voice Reina Ueda

Kiyoka Kudou played the voice Kaito Ishikawa

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The expected plotline of My Happy Marriage:

Kinema Citrus’s “My Happy Marriage,” tells the story of two people who meet and fall in love, despite their different backgrounds. The main character, Miyu Saimori (Reina Ueda), comes from a well-to-do family.  When her stepmother and half-sister find out she is planning to be married to the intimidating Kiyoka Kudou, they arrange for her to be married to him (Kaito Ishikawa).

As a cold-hearted military guy, Kiyoka’s prior fiancees all broke up with him within a few days of meeting him. For Miyu, on the other hand, it opens a door to a more fulfilling and loving existence than the one she now leads at home. She even develops affection for Kiyoka over time as their friendship gives her greater self-confidence.

As of right now, just one season of the romantic anime series has been announced. There is, however, enough material to launch a second season of the original light novel, which began in 2018 and has already been issued in three volumes.

Where To Watch My Happy Marriage?

The anime series will available on Crunchyroll.

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My Happy Marriage Trailer:


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