Ms Marvel: What You Must Know About The Upcoming Marvel Show

Ms Marvel: What You Must Know About The Upcoming Marvel Show

In 2016, Marvel creative producer Joe Quesada became interested in Kamala Khan’s story after noticing an apparent reader demand for a graphic novel. Thus, the idea was born to launch a film about an American woman with Pakistani roots who one day discovers excellent abilities in herself.

Moreover, the creators deliberately abandoned the idea of ​​showing an adult heroine, deciding to touch on a more tender age of the character and show how a teenager experiences an unexpected gift. Today, all fans of the comics are waiting for the arrival of the new Marvel show titled ‘Ms. Marvel’ on Disney+.


Ms Marvel: Do We Have A Release Date?

The parade of superheroes continues, and today another project about a schoolgirl with unusual abilities is on the agenda. This time, the authors decided to focus not on adult advocates but on teenagers who one day discover their gift. The official release date of Ms Marvel is not scheduled as of now, though reports suggest that it will premiere sometime around October 2022. The upcoming fantasy show, created by Bisha K. Ali, has already attracted the attention of fans of the genre. A little-known actress Iman Vellani was chosen as a critical character.


Ms Marvel: Who Is She?

This character’s name will surely remind you of a confident Captain Marvel to many of you. The superheroine was recently brought to the stage by Brie Larson in the cinema. Ms Marvel, also known as Kamala Khan, is not the same person, but her name is deliberately linked to the latter. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Ms Marvel and her involvement in a new TV series for Disney+, from the history and origins of the character to the latter’s powers and then investigate who it will be. 

The first to assume the identity of Ms Marvel was Carol Danvers, the US Air Force officer we met at the cinema with the Captain Marvel movie. The latter, in the comics, only later, takes the denominative of Captain Marvel. At the same time, the title of Ms Marvel is adopted as an identity by several characters over time. 


The second is Sharon Ventura, part of the Fantastic Four and later known as the Woman Thing, following a change undergone by some cosmic rays after her Dr Karlan Sofento used the title of Ms Marvel during the period of the Dark Reign. Until November 2013, Kamala Khan did not make her debut in number 17 of the Captain Marvel comics. It will be precisely on the latter that the Disney+ TV series will be based.

Kamala’s character is inhuman and can stretch and hails from Karachi, Pakistan. Ms Marvel’s powers manifest after a party where Kamala is offered a glass of vodka. The girl, then sixteen, leaves the party and comes into contact with the so-called Terrigenous Mists. Natural mutagens in vapor are already seen in another Marvel series, Agents of SHIELD, of which the seventh and final season is coming.

Ms Marvel: What Is The Plot?

In the center of the plot is a high school student Kamala Khan. The modest Pakistani American lives in Jersey with her parents. The girl writes fanfiction about heroes and dreams of a similar fate. One day, as a result of exposure to the Terrigen Mist, a high school student gains the unique ability to stretch her body, changing her appearance. Having received the gift, the girl decides to help the weak, but she hides her true nature.


Gwendolyn Willow Wilson created the story of the Muslim protector. She was approached by the editors of Marvel and screenwriter Sana Amanat. It is worth noting that Gwendolyn has always been fond of comics, as well as the study of religion. Thanks to her abilities and talents, all fans of the genre know the release date of the new Ms Marvel series in 2022.

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