Mom Says Her 7-Year-Old Daughter Was Attacked By Cyberbullies After She Appeared On Shark Tank!

Mom Says Her 7-Year-Old Daughter Was "Attacked" By Cyberbullies After She Appeared On "Shark Tank."
Mom Says Her 7-Year-Old Daughter Was "Attacked" By Cyberbullies After She Appeared On "Shark Tank."

Mom Says Her 7-Year-Old Daughter Was “Attacked” By Cyberbullies After She Appeared On “Shark Tank.” A parent and her daughter say they were targeted by bullies after appearing on Shark Tank. Now she’s demanding an end to online harassment.

Big Bee Little Bee is a company that was started by Amy Leinbach and her 7-year-old daughter, Marlo. Both Marlo and Amy have developed everything in the room, even the Marker Parker to corral the marker caps.

The mother saw her appearance on Shark Tank, where she gave 20% equity in exchange for a $100,000 investment, to be a crucial business move.

Mom Says Her 7-Year-Old Daughter Was “Attacked” By Cyberbullies After She Appeared On “Shark Tank.”

The Sharks ultimately decided against collaborating with the two. Even still, the show’s final results didn’t bother Leinbach one bit. That some people didn’t like her doesn’t even bother her; she knew to expect “trolls.” The severity of the abuse she and Marlo endured as a result of the bullies took her by surprise.

As a mother, I did not expect to be attacked. Leinbach: “I was not ready for people to claim I was exploiting my child.” I had no idea that my child would be the target of verbal abuse.

The flood of criticism began filling her direct messages and newsfeeds within the first two days after the episode aired. She was so upset that she hardly managed to drag herself out of bed. However, she had more than just Marlo in mind.

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What if all the teenage and preteen males and girls in our globally interconnected globe were subjected to such criticism, I wonder? Also,” she added, “I know they are.

Leinbach pondered the effects that “hateful comments” might have on younger people, considering that she herself had a hard time dealing with them.

I’m feeling some pain from this. A good mommy I am. I’m sure that I don’t use my kid for my own gain. However, she emphasized the significance of language.

TikTok stood behind the mother and couldn’t have felt more different from the bullies on the outside

Mom says 'Shark Tank' appearance led to cyber bullies 'attacking' her 7-year -old daughter

“Very behind the times, but I can’t see anyone criticizing you for giving your daughter’s ideas a chance to flourish! That’s incredible! Keep going,” someone urged.

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Don’t let “keyboard warriors” ruin your hard work, one user pleaded. One TikToker remarked, “Dropping everything you’re doing to help your daughter bring her concept to life is AMAZING parenting.”

A mother claims that her daughter, then 7 years old, was the target of cyberbullying when she participated in the reality show “Shark Tank.”

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