Just how much do we know so far about Moana 2?

Disney’s 2016 release of Moana 1 was a huge success. It is not surprise that the animated feature film dominated the box office with a worldwide gross of $650 million. The Academy Award-nominated film by Ron Clements features intriguing plots, daring characters, stunning images, and an exceptional musical composition. Walter Disney Animation Studios has not made any public announcements about the show’s revival, which has left fans wondering when they may expect it. Despite this, the popularity of the series among fans has us hopeful that a sequel will be revealed shortly.

What is the release date of Moana 2?

Moana’s upcoming return to theatres and streaming services has not been announced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. However, it is safe to assume that Disney will approve the film at some point in the near future. If the rumours are correct, Moana 2 might be released in theatres by early or mid-2022.

The Story of Moana 2, in Brief

A brave and determined young girl named Moana was depicted in Moana. Polynesia hamlet, which is also the protagonist’s home, has chosen her to save its inhabitants, and the sea has chosen her. After that, Moana embarks on an exhilarating voyage to uncover her own identity. Her goal is to locate the demigod Maui and return a mystical item to the goddess. To get back home, Moana must overcome monsters and difficulties with the help of her friends.

After the events of Moana: The Legend Continues, a sequel is expected to follow up where the first film left off. Disney’s first Latina princess is also a topic of conversation in the film industry. As a result, the upcoming animated feature film will present several pleasant surprises. Keep an eye out for updates.

Who Will Play Moana in the New Movie?

Auli’i Cravalho is a foregone conclusion for the role of Moana, the Wayfinder, in the film. Maui will also return in Moana 2, despite his departure in the first part. Dawnye Johnson’s amazing voice as Maui will continue to enthral the audience. A new cast member is rumoured, but nothing official has been announced by the show’s producers just yet.

Rumors and Speculations about Moana 2

Moana 2 is getting a sequel, but no one knows when it will be released! Only God knows when it will happen. “How Far I’ll Go” in the first film is also said to have a secret message, according to certain critics. The song suggests that Moana will return and embark on a journey that will take her far beyond the waters and even land her in the cities, but this has yet to be proven.

Moana 2 is expected to have a new Latino princess just like we described above, but it hasn’t been officially announced.

Additionally, Moana will be getting a series adaptation in December 2020 and will premiere on Disney+ in 2023. Does this imply that a sequel will arrive in 2022? That’s what we’re hoping for.

We can’t speculate on the next sequel until the filmmakers make an official announcement, so we can’t just make things up. Disney has yet to confirm or deny the rumours as well. Please give them some time to make an announcement.

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