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Minx Season 2 Release Date: Renewed Or Cancelled In 2022?

HBO Max has a show called “Minx.” It’s set in the 1970s in Los Angeles. It tells the story of Joyce Prigger, who works with pornography publisher Doug Renetti to start a magazine called Minx. The series moves through the many problems Joyce and Doug have to deal with as they try to publish the magazine and fight against the misogyny and morality of the time. The show was made by Ellen Rapoport and first aired in March 2022.

The show was a huge hit with both critics and viewers because it had an interesting storyline, great actors, and a social message. The portrayal of an interesting time in American history, especially the feminist movements of the ’70s, is also praised by many. Since the first episode of the dramedy left a lot of room for the story to go on, fans should be excited to learn more about the second season.

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Minx Season 2: Renewed Or Cancelled In 2022?

Minx Season 2 is currently on hold, and will not be renewed.

The release date of “Minx Season 2”: When it will be aired?

HBO Max aired the first season of “Minx” on March 17, 2022. It ended on April 14, 2022. The first season has ten episodes that each last about 25 to 35 minutes. The second season of “Minx” is yet not announced by HBO. There is no information about the date when it will be released. 

We expected that “Minx” season 2 may be released in 2023.

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Who will be in the second season of “Minx”?

If the contract is renewed, we may anticipate Ophelia Lovibond to continue her role as Joyce Prigger and Jake Johnson to reprise his role as Doug Renetti. Jessica Lowe (Bambi), Oscar Montoya (Richie), Lennon Parham (Shelly), Amy Landecker (Bridget Westbury), Rich Sommer (Lenny), and Michael Angarano (Glenn) are all expected to return. Additional cast members who may feature on a regular basis include Eric Edelstein (Willy), Taylor Zakhar Perez (Shane Brody), and Alicia Hannah-Kim (Wendy Mah), among others. Since her character, Idara Victor (Tina), may go from Bottom Dollar Publications to travel to Chicago, it is unclear when she will return.

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The plot of the “Minx Season 2”: Expected Storyline

The first season ends with a lot of protests and lawsuits against Doug’s business, Bottom Dollar Publications. Joyce doesn’t want to go back to Bottom Dollar because she doesn’t want to be monitored by Doug again. Minx would be nothing without Joyce, so Doug decides to give Minx away to its author. Shelly and Bambi had an intimate relationship, only for the former to return to her husband Lenny. Tina’s application was approved by the University of Chicago. Westbury is still trying to stop pornography in the San Fernando Valley and destroy Doug’s publishing business.

The second season will show if Minx and Bottom Dollar Publications can get through the protests and lawsuits. Joyce might try to start her own business by publishing Minx without Doug’s help. In order to save his company, Doug may fight Westbury’s efforts to stop his magazines from being sold in the store. He may also have to deal with Tina’s possible move from LA to Chicago because their relationship is likely to be flushed off by the same. Shelly should keep working on her marriage with Lenny. In other words, Bambi and Richie might help Joyce publish Minx, but they might not be the only ones.

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How many episodes in “Minx Season 2”?

In the first season of Minx, there were 6 episodes in it. But it is not clear how many episodes will be in the season second of Minx. The first episodes’ list names below:

  • 1. To the Waters and the Wild
  • 2. No Strangers Here
  • 3. Heavy Mortal Hopes
  • 4. Some Wrecked Angel
  • 5. Wither Into the Truth
  • 6. A Fanatic Heart 

Rating & Review of “Minx season 2”:

There are 7.8/10 IMDb ratings and a 97% audience score for the first season of “Minx”.

When & Where do we watch “Minx Season 2”?

Officially, there is no expected date for the second season of Minx. The first season of Minx was aired on HBO. As well as the second season will also be aired on HBO.

“Minx season 2” Trailer Updates:

As we told you there is no release date for “Minx season 2”. So, there is no trailer about the series. You may watch the trailer of the first season below:

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