Madame Web: Sony Preparing A New Spider-Verse Film?

Madame Web: Sony Preparing A New Spider-Verse Film?

Sony seems to be working on the Madame Web film for its Spider-Verse. Here’s everything you must know about the rumored project that can bring back some of your favorite actors and characters to the world of Spider-Man.

It seems that Sony’s Spider-Verse is constantly expanding, and it seems to be working on a film dedicated to Madame Web. The news has been circulating for years, but recently Charles Murphy revealed that the film would begin shooting later this year. According to the insider, the production will soon start, and the location has already been chosen.

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Madame Web: What Is The Plot?

There are not many details in the film starring Madame Web. We have no information on the plot. The character made her debut in The Amazing Spider-Man in the Marvel comics and is a blind paraplegic woman who develops medium skills. She is central to the magical world of Spider-Man, as she can read the web of life and destiny. The latter is a kind of web that unfolds in the multiverse and can connect all the characters with the spider powers of the various universes.

Madame Web is, therefore, a clairvoyant who helps Peter in the comics. Will he have the same role in the film? Will we see her paired with a Spider-Man, perhaps Andrew Garfield’s, or with a Spider-Woman, like Jessica Carpenter, who inherits her power in the comics?

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Do We Have A Release Date Of Madame Web Film?

So we already know when the Madame Web movie comes out? The answer is that we have no information on its release date, as Sony has not yet confirmed the project. If the rumors were to be true, we could see the film in the course of 2023, just like it will happen for Kraven the Hunter with Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Madame Web: Who’s In The Cast Of The Film?

It looks like the Madame Web movie will be directed by director SJ Clarkson, formerly known for Jessica Jones and Bates Motel. However, we do not yet have information on the cast of the film. The only name that has come up talking about this film is that of Sandra Bullock, who could play the role of Madame Web. Here’s what the actress said:

“If this rumor were true, which my son also heard, I would be more than happy to work on this project. Why didn’t anyone hire me? I would have a great time with psychic powers.”

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There is no other information about the actors or characters who will be featured in the Madame Web movie.

Kraven Hunter Is Also Under Preparation

Sony Pictures announced in May 2021 that it would make a film dedicated to the character of Kraven the Hunter to expand its Spider-Verse. Before talking about the film, do we already know when it comes out? The film is currently scheduled for January 2023, although the release date may change depending on how the pandemic evolves. The day chosen for the international release would be January 13th.

Kraven was supposed to be the main villain in Spider-Man: No Way Home, but this idea was discarded. However, those who have already seen the film (SPOILER) will have noticed a certain reference to his character. Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play the role of Sergei Kravinoff, a Russian immigrant who wants to prove that he is the most excellent hunter in the world.

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As already mentioned, Aaron Taylor Johson will play the protagonist, Kraven the Hunter, in the cast. The actor had previously played the superhero Quicksilver in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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