Love Victor: Season 3 Official Release Date Announced! What Is Known?

Love Victor: Season 3 Official Release Date Announced! What Is Known?

“Love, Simon” is one of the most successful coming-out films. Its successor “Love, Victor”  is at least as popular.. But when will it finally continue? All information about season 3 of “Love, Victor”  can be found here.


“Love, Victor” Season 3: When Will It Release?

The third season of “Love, Victor” was confirmed at the end of July 2021. After the blatant cliffhanger in the season finale, it would have been a bit nasty to just quit. We have good news and bad news for you. The good news: Season 3 will be released on June 15th on Hulu. We can assume that the season will be available on Disney+ around that day. Whether all episodes will come at once or just one episode per week is not yet clear. And now the bad news: With the announcement of the start date for season 3, the creators also announced that it will be the last season of “Love, Victor”.

“Love, Victor” Season 3: Who’s In The Cast?

One thing we can be sure of is that Michael Cimino will be back in Season 3 as Victor Salazar. Also in the cast are:

  • Anthony Turpel as Felix Weston
  • George Sear as Benji Campbell
  • Anthony Keyvan as Rahim
  • Bebe Wood as Lake Meriwether
  • Rachel Hilson as Mia Brooks
  • Mason Gooding as Andrew Spencer
  • Isabella Ferreira as Pilar Salazar
  • Mateo Fernández as Adrian Salazar
  • James Martinez as Armando Salazar
  • Ana Ortiz as Isabel Salazar

It is not yet known whether new faces will join the cast of “Love, Victor”. But we can assume that one or the other character will mess up Victor’s life again. Just like Rahim shook things up in Season 2.

“Love, Victor” Season 3: What Will Happen?

Victor came out to his religious parents at the end of season one. In season 2, the focus was primarily on how they dealt with his coming out. His mother in particular seems to have problems with her son’s sexual orientation at first. Of course, his relationship with Benji also suffers as a result. But he doesn’t just struggle at home, the star of the basketball team also has to face many challenges at school when he is rejected there.

Then Victor meets Rahim. He is in the same situation as Victor before, because his parents are very religious Muslims and he is afraid to come out as homosexual to them. Victor helps him as much as he can and they become good friends. However, this friendship slowly grows and they seem to be developing serious feelings for each other. So Victor is between two guys. In the season finale, he seems to have made up his mind and is standing in front of his door. But the viewers can no longer find out whose door it is.


Fans of the series are puzzled and finally want to know: Whom did Victor choose? Benji or Rahim? This question will (hopefully) be answered first thing in Season 3. But Victor is not the only one caught up in the loving chaos. It seems that his best friend Felix decides against ex-girlfriend Lake and Victor’s sister Pilar. That could definitely be exciting.

But it will not only be interesting in terms of love, but it is also still open how things will continue with Mia and her family. She seems fed up with her father, his constant lies and his new family and begins to search for her mother, with whom she has had no contact for years. Will she be successful? Will she maybe leave Shady Creek and leave her friends behind? All of this and more is to come in Season 3 of Love, Victor.

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