‘Love Is Blind’ Creator Explains Importance of Airing Andrew’s Fake Tears, Nancy and Bartise’s Abortion Disagreement and More

Viewers have been unable to get enough of “Love Is Blind” since it debuted on Netflix. Season 3 is no exception, with the show already climbing the streaming service’s top ten list. Indeed, the CEO of Kinetic Content, the company behind the show, claims that this is “the best season ever” — thanks to the vulnerable cast.

“They Were Really Real, Raw, And Honest, And Embraced The Entire Journey Of Trying To Find Love And Seeing If The Love That They Had Found Could Sustain The Obstacles That They Encountered,” Coleen tells Variety. “They Gave It Everything,

This season, which began filming in 2021, immediately after Season 2 concluded, is the first to follow all of the couples who got engaged. There were eight engagements in each of the first two seasons. Because only five men proposed this time, it was possible to show each one’s journey.

Coleen discusses the third season, including that dramatic Andrew Liu tear moment, below.

There has been much discussion about how this season celebrates body diversity. Was that on purpose?

No This is something I’ve always said. We’ve Always Had A Diverse Participant Pool, And We Just Follow The Stories That Play Out During The Pods. We have no control over what happens, no ability to influence what happens, and no influence over what happens. We literally just set up the mechanism, and they live their own stories, which we simply follow. So the stories we follow are about people who fall in love, regardless of their appearance.

OK, So, why bring it up? Why pull back the curtain and reveal that there is someone there who does not have the best intentions?

We simply try to set up the mechanism so that they can live their authentic stories, and then we try, to the best of our ability, to incorporate the authenticity of those stories into the show that we eventually put out on Netflix. Andrew Clearly Played An Important Role In Nancy [Rodriguez’s] Story. We desired to convey the essence of who he is.

I recall being in the control room when his proposal was turned down. He returned to the interview, and I happened to glance over, and that’s what was going on. And I couldn’t believe it was happening while I was watching it live. It was incredible. I can’t believe he’s doing this to me. That’s insane, I mean. But I believe it was very revealing in the moment as to perhaps his motivations at the time. Obviously, I am not speaking on his behalf. I can’t speak for him, but we posted it as it happened.

So, why bring him back later in the season?

They were having this gathering. Typically, in all of these seasons, all of the people who go into the pods form some kind of bond, and they all end up hanging out in groups. They were holding one of those events, and there were quite a few people present. His conversation with Nancy and how his story and Nancy’s story came together felt very important.

She obviously had no idea [about the eyedrops] at the time it was filmed, and we certainly wouldn’t have told her what he did when he went into his interview afterwards. As a result, she had no idea. “Oh, this is Andrew, a guy I spent a lot of time with, who proposed to me,” she thought. It felt very real to me, and I believe it did to him as well. I believe it was a very interesting moment for him to reveal himself and be in that situation.

Continuing with Nancy’s story, this is the first time the series has featured an abortion discussion. How did you make sure that you gave Nancy and Barites Bowden equal time and didn’t put them in a position where they could be hurt?

We make an effort to demonstrate the authenticity of their conversations. It’s a testament to both of them and the depth of their feelings for one another, as well as the way they’d grown to communicate with one another in the pods and after.

They had developed a love and depth of communication where they were very adept at being vulnerable, opening up, and sharing. This was obviously an issue that was very important to both of them, and I believe they handled it in a very respectful manner. I watched all of the raw footage of their conversations, and what you see on the show reflects exactly what they discussed and how they discussed it.

And this filmed before Roe v. Wade was overturned,

That’s what I like about the show and the experiment. Some of these people [sarcastically] say], “Oh, the experiment,” but it is an experiment in terms of determining whether the emotional connection developed in the pods can withstand the challenges that the real world throws at you. It’s amazing to see how open the participants are in terms of their willingness to navigate all of the issues that are most important to them and figure out what those issues are before getting to the altar and saying “I Do.”


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