Love During Lockup: Justine And Michael Are Ready To Be Together IRL!

Justine And Michael Are Ready To Be Together IRL!
Justine And Michael Are Ready To Be Together IRL!

Love During Lockup: Life is already complicated when you marry your spouse while they are in jail. Season 2 of Love While Behind Bars is a complete and utter disaster, what with all the children, cameras, and other distractions. However, Justine and Michael will now tell their story of falling in love.

The identities of Justine and Michael in Love While in Prison remain a mystery. Distractify has an exclusive sneak peek at the episode airing on November 11 in which Michael and Justine celebrate their wedding with family members who were unable to attend the ceremony. Michael also shares his anticipated release date.

Who are Justine and Michael, the protagonists of “Love in a Cold Cell?”

Love During Lockup' Rapper Montana Millz Marries Justine From Behind BARS!


Even though Justine and Michael only know one other through Michael’s mother, it seems that mom really does know best because they’re getting married this season. Michael says in the exclusive film that he only has nine weeks left of his term for drug-related offenses and that Justine can’t wait to have him home.

He even sends her a present as a surprise, albeit we aren’t told what it is in the video. Despite their hardships, it’s clear that these two remain close.

Apart from Romance Michael, while in jail, adopts the stage name Montana Millz and performs as a rapper. An ironic title, “Sell Drugz” is the name of one of his most well-known songs.

As a CNA, Justine’s days are full of responsibility and activity. However, her Instagram is a sequence of well-timed posts, including multiple shots of a diamond bracelet with the initials “JuJu” on it that she claims Michael gave her.

Michael has no problem publicly declaring his feelings for Justine. They are so close that he tagged a photo of them on Instagram as “Bonnie and Clyde.” We get that the Instagram quote may not be the perfect analogy for someone who has just been freed from jail, but we do understand.

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Is the wedding between Justine and Michael in “Love During Lockup” for real?

While Justine and Michael do tie the knot in Season 2 of Love During Lockup, not all viewers are convinced that their nuptials are for real. However, Starcasm has uncovered records showing that Justine and Michael tied the knot in August 2022, while Michael was still behind bars.

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And, it’s safe to assume Michael and Justine are still together after Love During Lockup, based on their respective social media activities since then. But there are risks involved in getting married when one partner is in jail and much of their relationship is being taped for reality TV. The real test is what occurs when the cameras are turned off.

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