Lego Movie 3 Release Date Updates: Everything You Need To Know

lego movie 3
lego movie 3

It’s hard to remember a time when Lego wasn’t the most popular toy. For a long time, the line of interlocking plastic blocks has had a special place in toy aisles around the world. They continue to be big hits around holidays and birthdays.

In addition to its own themes, the brand has made a lot of progress by making sets based on movies like “Star Wars” and “Privateers of the Caribbean,” among others. However, in 2014, Lego and Warner Bros. Pictures took a very different approach to this brand partnership by making a movie based on Lego.

“The Lego Movie” came out in February of that year and was quickly recognized as a living work of art. With a crazy but true story and a cast that included Chris Pratt, Morgan Freeman, Elizabeth Banks, and the list goes on, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller’s blocky parody was a hit with both moviegoers and critics.

That must mean something in Hollywood, and that something is a spin-off. In 2019, “The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part” came out in theatres. It had the same amount of silliness and energy as its predecessor, which showed that this growing business had a lot more to offer.

Lego Movie 3: Release Date Details

Lego Masters US Season 3 will come out on September 21, 2022.

Plot Of Lego Movie 3

The story continues with Emmet and Lucy getting ready to start a family.

Even so, when Kingpin and the other Marvel Villains plan to destroy Syspocalypstar, Ninjago City, and Gotham City, they will be in another sneaky hideout on the other side of New York City. To stop the super weapon, the two are forced to work with their friends, including The Powerpuff Girls.

Lego Movie 3 Cast Details

Since Phil Lord and Christopher Lord have worked on all of “The LEGO Movie” movies together, it is clear that if the movie comes back for a third party, Phil and Christopher Lord will work on it again. Dan Lin and Roy Lee would also be producers since they have worked on every movie in the series.

Most of the time, either Mike Mitchell, who directed “Sky High,” or Chris McKay, who directed “Robot Chicken,” would be in charge of the movie. Mitchell directed the sequel, and McKay directed “The LEGO Batman Movie.”

Trailer Of Lego Movie 3