Fans of fantastic superhero films actively support their favorite work, but it has experienced many ups and downs. At some point, the ratings of the show began to decline rapidly. It is not easy to rectify the situation, but the authors persistently extend the picture for new episodes. But if there were no questions with the seventh chapter, then with the release date of Legends of Tomorrow season 8, everything is not so rosy. Despite the lack of an announcement, fans are confident that the continuation of the story is a matter of time.


Release Date

Though nothing has been official yet, the release date of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 8 can be presumably around October or November 2022. However, official comments from the series authors on the extension of the project for the eighth season have not yet been reported. Recall that the premiere of the seventh season took place in October 2021.


Since Season 7 has not yet ended, and Season 8 is yet to be officially announced, we don’t have many assumptions about the expected plot of Legends of Tomorrow Season 8. Though here’s a sneak peek you can have.

Rip Hunter wants to change a frightening future, so he travels to the past to call the rescue team for help. The heroes will have to influence the planet and the entire civilization, but for now, they continue to fight supervillains and other unfriendly creatures.

As we remember, in the sixth season of the show, the crew had to make another unusual journey. The brave team members planned to get to the Cloth of Time but faced betrayal. The heroes had to deal with the consequences of this act.

Many critics are sure that the audience is no longer interested in whether the Legends of Tomorrow season 8 will be delivered since the project has outlived its usefulness. The plot has long since “sank.” Critics noted that the storyline presented in the show looks too pathetic. In addition, the audience did not like the fact that the authors constantly introduced too many characters into the plot, which is simply impossible to get used to.

There are almost no pre-existing characters from the comics in the current season since the authors constantly come up with new ones. This approach also existed in Strela. But the authors are trying to tighten the ratings and rehabilitate the once-popular work.

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