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Kristen Stewart & Dylan Meyer To Get Married Soon! Actress Confirms

Kristen Stewart reveals that she and Dylan Meyer may be getting married very soon, revealing how she would dress and where she would do the ceremony

In November 2021, Kristen Stewart announced that she and her girlfriend Dylan Meyer have been officially engaged. Now, during a new interview with Stephen Colbert, the actress revealed the latest updates on their wedding, revealing that it could happen very soon.

The Twilight actress, who will soon be at the cinema with Spencer, has declared that she would like to organize a big party, even if she has defined herself as a person not used to ceremonies. In reality, Kristen Stewart’s ideas seem unclear, given that shortly after these words she said she was ready to get married on the spot.

“We might as well get married this weekend, I don’t know, and then go out with everyone after that. I just want to do it, you know? I’m not a good organizer. They aren’t even making dinner plans. I like to throw myself into things. You never know where I’m going, man. Come with me”.


Kristen Stewart first announced her engagement to the screenwriter during an episode of The Howard Stern Show in November. “We are about to get married. We absolutely will,” she said at the time. “Let’s say we are there. I wanted him to ask me, he did what I wanted, he got it right. She was really nice. We will get married, it’s happening.”

Initially, Kristen Stewart said she wanted to wait at least a year to get married because she didn’t want the pandemic to get in her way. The wedding could therefore be on its way, and the actress is already certain of some details, such as the fact that the food will have to be good and on time and that she doesn’t really care about flowers. 

Stewart would like to do the ceremony in Los Angeles so that all of her friends can comfortably be present. In addition, the actress wants the event to take place in a cold period, and that no one accompanies her to the altar. 


“Marriage is just a great excuse to be together and say ‘I love you’ in front of all your friends.” And yes, Kristen Stewart already has her wedding look in mind: “I’ll wear the best pair of Levi’s ever and an old T-shirt with a tuxedo printed on it, and I’ll be barefoot.”

As for the guest list, there may be some famous faces, as the invitation is extended, according to Kristen Stweart. The actress would also like Guy Fieri as the officiant of the ceremony. How long do you think Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer’s wedding will be?

The History Between Dylan & Kristen

Kristen Stewart first met Dylan Meyer about eight years ago for a movie, but the two didn’t keep in touch. “She showed up on a friend’s birthday and I was like, ‘Where have you been so far and how did we not know each other?’”, explained the actress. Two weeks after meeting her, Kristen Stewart told Dylan Meyer that she loved her.

The couple were first seen together publicly in August 2019, as Kristen Stewart and Dylan Meyer hugged. The actress had recently separated from model Stella Maxwell.


Kristen Stewart, who dated Twilight colleague Robert Pattinson until 2013, said in an interview that she “wanted” to marry him too. “I’m not an obsessed traditionalist, but at the same time, every relationship I’ve had, I thought it would end like this. I’ve never been the kind of under-committed person.”

In April 2021, Dylan Meyer wrote a sweet message for Kristen Stewart’s 31st birthday: “Life is definitely sweeter with this cute little family. Happy Birthday Baby. You always surprise me,” wrote the screenwriter posting a photo of her future wife and their dog.

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