Kim and Khloe Kardashian Saying Goodbye to their Butt. Here’s Why?

Kim and Khloe Kardashian Saying Goodbye to their Butt. Here's Why?
Kim and Khloe Kardashian Saying Goodbye to their Butt. Here's Why?

Although neither Kim, 41, nor Khloe, 38, has come out and said they have had plastic surgery, rumours have circulated that they have had their butts augmented.

A curious fan on a Reddit forum devoted to the Kardashians pondered, “why are they reversing their booties?”

The dilemma arises because of the widespread belief among fans that the 2 sisters are undoing their liposuction.

Here’s how fans answered the query:

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Fans Deducing the BUM DEAL

To paraphrase what one Reddit user said: “To me, it’s apparent. They’re shrinking them so they’ll look better on their body. Still a little goofy, but not as goofy as if they had been maintained earlier.

Another user supported the comment by saying, “Agreed. At their most extreme, their posteriors were repulsive. They are systematically decreasing them… In spite of their little stature, they are no longer physically imposing.

“I suppose they did get a small amount removed, just because Kim, in particular, is shaped significantly different now,” wrote another user, who concurred.

“Her butt is still way too huge for her frame, but at least her phoney hips don’t stick out on the sides anymore,” they went on to say. When viewed front on, her figure appears more proportionate.

Some fans are convinced Kim and Khloe have had plastic surgery to reduce the size of their bums, while others believe the change is simply the result of their dramatic weight loss.

Yet another user emphasised, “People need to recognise when you lose fat your butt is likely to get slimmer. Everything shrinks.

One dogged Reddit user replied: “They have been lowered. “Not entirely, but… it’s not only fat loss.”

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Fan Theories

In the past, both of their bodies have been the target of scrupulous conversations on the social media platforms.

Recently, though, viewers have shown lesser interest in dissecting the bodies of their favourite TV stars and more anxiety that they’d be doing harm to those bodies.

The sisters’ unexpected weight loss motivation has been the subject of speculation on a Reddit community devoted to the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The Reddit user concluded by saying, “I assume Khloe became slender due of her self esteem problems and anxiety and Kim, who really can bear to be surpassed, lost weight to fight” provides an example of the kind of commentary that can be found on the website. They probably didn’t adhere to a strict dieting routine when reducing weight.

Somebody else put it this way: “Body dysmorphia concerns. It’s those persistent character faults individuals keep telling themselves they have to fix. They may have developed a tolerance or addiction to the painkillers they are taking. Having…many…surgeries done at once. And that’s why so many people, both sexes, develop opiate dependencies.

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