Kelsey Plum Husband: Who Is Her Mystery Husband Named ‘Josh’?

kelsey plum husband
kelsey plum husband

Kelsey Plum is a star in the WNBA. She is 27 years old and plays for the Las Vegas Aces. Kelsey Plum is getting more attention as the Aces keep getting better and better during the 2022 season. For example, they just beat the Los Angeles Sparks.

Plum’s personal life has been talked about, which was bound to happen. One of the strangest things about her personal life is that the internet thinks Kelsey Plum is married.

As the Aces continue to do well, there is still a lot of confusion about Kelsey Plum’s relationship status.

Kelsey Plum Sets The Record Straight About Her Relationship

Kelsey Plum went on Twitter earlier this year to clear up rumors about her relationship status. Plum said that she is not married and has never been married. She also said that she is not dating a man named Josh.

Plum tweeted on May 24, 2022, “I don’t know where it came from, but let’s clear the air: I’m not married and I’ve never been married. Still, I’d love to meet this mysterious man.”

Several news outlets have wrongly said that Kelsey Plum is married to a man named Josh, but they haven’t said anything else about their relationship or who Josh is.

There have been false reports that the two were high school sweethearts, but the Aces star has disproved this.

People make jokes about Kelsey’s mysterious husband, whose name is “Josh.”

When Kelsey Plum tweeted about her “mystery man,” her friends and fans joked about it. “Married to the game, you know what it is,” said one person on Twitter. “Hi I’m josh. “Nice to meet you,” joked someone else.

In response to Kelsey Plum’s announcement that she is not married, one fan even “volunteered as tribute” with a Hunger Games clip:

Kelsey Plum: Career Details

Kelsey Plum plays basketball for a living in the United States. She went to school in La Jolla at La Jolla Country Day School and then played basketball for the University of Washington.

The USA Basketball U19 Team picked her quickly based on how well she did in high school.

Kelsey played in the ninth FIBA U19 World Championships in Klaipeda and Panevezys, Lithuania. Head coach Katie Meier and the team led Kelsey and the rest of the team.

Even so, the team won all nine games, and Plum scored an average of 5.6 points per game.

She signed up for summer school classes so she could meet her coworkers and her new team. The head coach, Mike Neighbors, noticed what she was doing and made her team captain, which is unusual for a first-year player.

Kelsey still set six records as a freshman at Washington, including the most total points (695), and the most points per game (38).

Plum’s first job as a broadcaster was as an analyst for January 17, 2020, game between Arizona State and the University of Washington in women’s basketball. The game was shown on the Pac-12 Network.

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