Kanye West Is Not Looking Back On Kim Kardashian

Kanye West Is Not Looking Back On Kim Kardashian

Kanye West still seems in love with Kim Kardashian. But the latter has indeed turned the page. She would even be very angry with her ex, who keeps telling her.

Kanye West Still Adores Kim

Kim Kardashian lives his life better since she has decided to take control. She is now dating Pete Davidson, a young actor, and director.

The two lovebirds are not hiding. They spend all their time together. North’s mom even threw her birthday party at Kris Jenner’s. Incredible, isn’t it. The Kardashians all validate this love story.

If everything seems rosy for the moment, it was without counting on Ye alias Kanye West. He looks pretty jealous and very nostalgic for his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

A few days ago, he declared love to her on his Instagram account. And he also posted a photo of them when they were happy together at the time.

While the whole world found this post touching, Kim Kardashian didn’t. The founder of SKIMS would even be very angry with him! 

And for a good reason, she claims to have turned the page. She no longer wishes to get back together with Kanye West. Especially since November 30, 2021!

As a reminder, she and her ex-husband attended the Louis Vuitton fashion show to pay tribute to their former friend Virgil Abloh. According to a source close to Kim, she would have been “embarrassed” and “furious” against the rapper for his attitude.

Kim Has Had Enough

The source in question, therefore, declared to our colleagues at The Sun: “Kim is furious with Kanye’s latest public coup. Because even if Kanye confesses things to strangers, he doesn’t say anything to him in private”.

“He does everything for wanting to retrieve his family, but as everyone knows, during the marriage, it was never there .. . And still in a different state. And he’s seen with all these different women too”.

Even though Kim Kardashian is annoyed, she wants to preserve the bond between Kanye and North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm: “She can ignore it, but the last thing she wants is for the children to hear something and to each other. ask if their father is coming back or not.”

One thing is sure, the family of Kim Kardashian no longer appreciates the rapper. All qualify him as “cruel and immature.” We remember that awkward moment when the artist criticized his wife and her in-laws in front of everyone.

He later apologized by accusing his mental disorder: “I went into a manic episode in 2016 and was placed on heavy medication. “

“Since then, I have therefore continued to take medication, which left me vulnerable to other episodes, which my wife, family and fans had to endure.”

Despite everything, the two stars, therefore, manage to find stability in their relationship not to make their children suffer.

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